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Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 14th February 2023

Alphonse saw some of the largest tidal fluctuations of the season this week, packing most of the action into short but prolific sessions. Again the week started off in fine fashion with six GTs being landed on the first day out. The previous week’s rough weather has cooled the lagoon down and cleared it up, making the fish as strong as ever. There is also a heap of bait in and around the St. Francois lagoon at the moment, bringing with it a following of rays, terns and predatory fish.

The GTs have been rather picky as of late due to the vast amount of food on the flats, but the guides have done a great job at working out the right patterns and getting the fish to eat flies. Small Shrimp flies and natural Baitfish imitations have been getting the most attention over the white sand with some of the larger more conventional offerings being refused. Despite the fussy fish, sixteen GTs were fooled this week – the biggest measuring 100 cm on the dot. The average size of the fish was also impressive as another two broke the 90 cm mark and only five came in below 70 cm. Of the sixteen fish caught, Jason landed his first GT as well as another four during his stay. Congratulations Jason on GT being the angler of the week.

The Bonefish dropped off the flats in droves as always, but the massive spring tides made for short windows of fishing them on the white sand. They were easy pickings as they poured off the flats towards the lagoon and just over 100 fish were landed between 12 anglers during the week.

Due to strong currents brought on by the super spring tides, Triggers were a bit of an afterthought for most anglers this week. One angler, John, however, put in the hard yards and was rewarded with a Moustache Trigger of 46cm. John was one of the few anglers not hunting GTs and really had to work for this fish. Well done on your special catch, John.

Stay tuned for next week’s report.

Tight lines,
Alphonse Fishing Co. on Alphonse Island

Bonefish 106
Giant Trevally 16
Triggerfish 2


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