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Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 4th – 11th November 2023

Another great week of fishing for the nine anglers that stepped into the diverse fisheries of Alphonse Island and St Francois Atoll. All of our recognised ‘Big 5’ species were caught, and plenty of opportunities were presented. In the true nature of fly fishing, some were lucrative, while others were missed.

With calming winds and strong currents on account of the neap tides, massive shoals of Milkfish continued to pop up almost every morning outside St Francois Atoll and in the Alphonse channel. It’s hard to say no to such a feeding frenzy, which led to most of our guests having a crack at catching one of the powerful beasts. Returning angler David found himself in a battle of endurance against an impressive 95 cm fish, he emerged victorious and was rightfully stoked with his efforts. Anglers Noah and Gary also managed to tame the mighty Milkfish during the course of the week. Catching these fish requires a skilful and accurate cast, so a big well done to these anglers!

The fishing headlines were again dominated by Noah Ramos, who showed off his tremendous fly fishing skills. In addition to his milkfish, Noah added another Yellowmargin Triggerfish, Moustache Triggerfish, a couple of GT’s, including the biggest of the week at 79cm, and the only permit of the week to his impressive tally. Just when we thought his Farquhar week couldn’t be topped, Noah made easy work of St Francois Atoll during his stay!

Congratulations must be extended to Theo, David, and Kathy who all caught their first GTs on fly –  an awesome achievement and experiences we are sure they will never forget! David, still reeling from his milkfish earlier in the week, also worked his magic on the Giant Trevally, managing to catch three during his stay.

Our bonefish very seldom disappoint, with all the anglers dabbling in their fair share of these ghosty fish. Angler Bernard put the Bonefish populations to test and caught over 20 fish on his first day out on the flats.

We look forward to another epic week next week and as always, can’t wait to see what fish come to hand.

Tight lines,
Alphonse Fishing Co. on Alphonse Island

Bonefish 113
Giant trevally 8 (biggest 79 cm)
Indo-Pacific Permit 1
Yellowmargin Triggerfish 2
Moustache Triggerfish 2
Milkfish 4 (biggest 95 cm)


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