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Alphonse Island Fly Fishing Report 18th – 25th September 2021

When it comes down to lodges that we are always super excited to hear about when their season opens, one of those lodges is Alphonse Lodge, and once you see what was caught on the first week of the season, you can see why.

Alphonse Island 18/09/2021

After a long awaited return the Alphonse Fishing Company fishing season has finally opened and we are more excited than ever before! The weather God definitely treated us this week with sunny skies all the way through. Unfortunately, though the southeast monsoon winds were still blowing making fishing tough. The guides and guests persevered and still had some wonderful catches to celebrate.

Some of the highlights from this week included Noha Ramos with a stunning Yellowmargin Triggerfish, two Milkfish, too many GTs to count and one or two bonefish just to keep him humble. His parents, Ruby and Fernando, also came to the party with some big Bonefish and Triggerfish. Half-way through the week we had some new anglers join us with Justin Kemp catching a noteworthy GT, stretching the tape measure to around 100 cm, which crowns him the first GT King of the Season.

Emile and Freek found themselves out of the cockpit and on a skiff much to their delight. Freek caught his first fish on fly which is a phenomenal achievement, while Emilie was determined to catch a triggerfish and that he did with a spectacular Yellowmargin Trigger.

This season started off with a bang and it looks like it’s only going to heat up from now on!

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Alphonse Fishing Co. on Alphonse Island


  • Bonefish: 40
  • Giant trevally: 13
  • Bluefin trevally: 1
  • Triggerfish: 9
  • Milkfish: 3

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