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Cosmoledo Atoll Fishing Report 18th March 2022

Week 14, 11 anglers, spring tides and a lot of familiar faces!

The week at Cosmoledo started off with precarious rain and wind, but being seasoned anglers, the guests at Cosmo were prepared for anything that came their way! The first three days gave ample opportunity for shots at Bones, Grouper and GTs, and once the weather eased into calmer conditions – these guests cranked up the catch stats, with boats ending the day with six to ten GTs and a few other interesting species to add to the bucket lists. 

Michael and Klaus started things got into some offshore action. Michael stretched the tape to the one-metre mark for his personal best GT of 102 cm and Klaus, a magnificent Saddleback Grouper well over 30 pounds.

Christoph had a tough start but got into some phenomenal GT action eventually and ticked off a great new species with a solid Dogtooth tuna. Helmut never-stop-casting Zaderer had two special days with two Triggers and a 103 cm GT. 

Helmut’s best day by far was mid-week where he started with his first fish in the morning being a 102cm GT and then added another seven GTs, and finished with a 104 cm GT in the afternoon. Unbelievable fishing and a most memorable day!

Christoph after only landing his first GT ever added a personal best which tested his tackle and patience, 119 cm silver slab of power! By far fish of the week and a truly deserved achievement.


Giant trevally 64

Bonefish 12

Triggerfish 2

Tight lines,

from the Alphonse Fishing Co. Team on Cosmo


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