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Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report 10th May 2022

Farquhar once again produced some incredible catches this week with an array of different species landed. It was great to have Chantal and Patrick back with us and joining us for the first time Geoff and Russ and from Silverbow Fly Shop, Sean (host), Sam, Wayne, Spencer Malyn and Leon.

Chantal had a goal to land a Bumphead Parrotfish and to try and get her fist Napoleon wrasse. She achieved this on the first morning by landing a great Bumpy and soon after that an impressive Napoleon that was “tailing” on the flats. She also managed a good number of species and three GTs throughout the week. Patrick had a solid week with four GTs and a huge variety of species off-shore which included huge African Marbled Groupers and Boha Snappers.

Geoff and Russ took a few days to tick off the GT box, but they eventually did and ended up with two and three respectively. Geoff also managed a great bluefin trevally on his 10 wt rod in amongst loads of coral in the surf zone.  He didn’t stop there as he also managed a great bumpy.
Sean and Malyn had an epic week and one day in particular stood out as they both landed Flat Slams of different kinds. Sean with his first GT together with a Bonefish and then to top it off a Bumpy. Malyn, his boat partner managed a 92 cm GT, a Bonefish and to finish the slam managed his first Moustache Triggerfish. Sean ended his week by landing the biggest GT of the week a monster 104 cm on the last day.

Father and son combo of Wayne and Spencer landed five GTs between them as well as a Triggerfish each with a great number of Bonefish along the way. Spencer with a terrific Bumphead Parrotfish.
Leon’s highlight of the week was his 61 cm Yellowmargin Triggerfish, a fish that is going to be hard to beat this season. Sam too also managed a monster Yellowmargin Trigger measuring 55 cm a Bonefish of 61 cm as well as a few GTs and a monster Bumpy measuring 104 cm.
Tight lines,
From Alphonse Fishing Company on Farquhar Atoll


Giant Trevally 25

Bonefish 40

Triggerfish 6

Bumphead Parrotfish 6

Napoleon Wrasse 4


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