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Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report November 29th – 6th December 2023

Eight avid anglers from South Africa and the United States embarked on an exhilarating journey to Farquhar, where they were greeted by weather that could only be described as a page from a travel brochure. The first day unfolded with anglers seizing the opportunity for epic fishing adventures. Gerry and his crew experienced sheer excitement as Chris conquered not one, but two GTs, a feat matched by Bruce with his own impressive double. Evan and his fellow anglers experienced the thrill of the waters, with Anthony reeling in his inaugural GT and Alan marking his debut GT with flair.

As dawn broke on the second day, anglers awoke to the pounding rhythm of intense rain. Undeterred, guides made a bold decision to wait out the morning lightning storms, setting out at 11 am. The result? An adrenaline-pumping day where Chris added another GT to his tally, and Paul made his way onto the scoreboard by landing his first bonefish, an awe-inspiring 60 cm specimen!

The third and fourth day dawned with the promise of perfection. Guides were met with the best conditions of the season—little to no wind, where the ocean and horizon merged seamlessly. The challenge? The almost surreal conditions made fish skittish to fly lines and presentations. Yet, Dean and his crew experienced a day of sheer delight, witnessing Chris’s relentless pursuit of another GT which he successfully managed to land. Shaun capitalized on the favourable conditions, guiding Paul into another GT, too. Fishing with head guide Gerry proved golden for Bruce and Ewen, with Ewen landing an impressive duo of GTs and Bruce achieving the milestone of his first-ever bumped parrotfish, a colossal 103 cm!

The fifth day brought more wind, but the conditions remained favourable. Yousuf and his fellow anglers seized the day, with Ewen bagging yet another GT for the week. Evan’s crew joined the excitement, and Tripp triumphantly ticked a GT off his bucket list! Angus emerged victorious, guiding Bruce onto a GT, and Anthony etched his name in the records with his first GT over a meter at 117 cm — a fish of a lifetime and the third largest of the season.

As the final day unfolded with rainy and windy conditions, the anglers refused to be daunted. Ewen added a further thrilling chapter, landing another GT to close his account for the week. In a twist of fate, Paul faced the agony of losing a trophy GT on Dean’s skiff. Angus and his guests entered the fray, with Allan landing a GT to end his trip on a high note. Evan and his anglers took centre stage, with Tripp concluding his adventure with two GTs, and Braden, in a spectacular finale in the last hour, hooked and landed a breathtaking 92 cm GT on a popper—a legendary catch capping off an extraordinary week. Despite a mixed week of perfect and less-than-ideal conditions, the anglers showcased their prowess, creating lasting memories with some truly incredible catches!

Tight lines, Blue Safari Fly Fishing on Farquhar Atoll


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