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Worlds end lodge sea trout

Worlds End Lodge Fishing Report Week 5: February 2020

We welcomed some new friends to Worlds End Lodge which spent a week here with exceptional weather and lots of beautiful catches.

Kelly, a great connoisseur of the Sea Trouts and their behaviour, was fascinated with the river and its structure. Working mostly with nymphs he had his biggest reward with a large male caught in the famous Two Colors Bank!

Worlds end lodge fishing

A strong fighting kyped up Male

Aline also connected with some large Sea Trout, coming in at 14, 15 and 18 pounds! What a way to celebrate his birthday at Worlds end Lodge!

Christopher and his son Chris were targeting Sea Trout for the first time, were amazed by the river, the way of fishing for them and their behaviour. Working hard they were able to connect up to some beautiful specimens, that were mostly fresh and very silver, straight from the sea.

Worlds end lodge fishing

We all love a Chromer!

The upper beats also delivered some beautiful and colourful specimens for their time in the river.

There were many Robalos caught in the Sea pool, (some of them being very big) completed an excellent fishing week.

We worked with both 7# and 8# in 9 and 10 feet, combined with floating lines and different sinking tips of 5′ and 7′ in intermediate, fast 2 and fast 4 grades.

Worlds end lodge fishing

A stunning Sea-Run Brown Trout

The river is clear and low with respect to its flow in previous weeks, demanding that both fishermen and guides keep focus working hard.
The most effective flies were the Pepefly nymphs with white legs, the Pepefly black / silver and some models of the mini leech.

In the afternoon fishing sessions, streamers and different models of intruders were successful.


Tight lines,


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