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Zancudo Lodge Fishing Report January 2021

This really was a trip to never forget. All we can say is Wow…. We wont keep you any longer and will pass you over to the head guide for his report of this amazing week on the water –

A 550lb Black Marlin Welcomes Anglers In January At The Zancudo Lodge, Costa Rica

“This was probably my best fishing day ever”, and it couldn’t have happened to a better guest. On his second trip to The Zancudo Lodge this season, Will, one of the Lodge’s favourite clients and a great personal friend and his fishing partner W. Harris, experienced what most aspire to. While trolling two Islander lures through the middle of a tuna school, a massive wall of water pressed downward and then up exploded a massive Marlin….. a 550LB Black Marlin lower jaw to fork 9.5 feet after a 2.5 hr flight.

Hands down one of the biggest I have seen since working 15 years at the lodge here in Costa Rica. Their day did not end there……with tons of 50LB tunas and a sailfish to top it off. This is what daydreams are made of.

Join us in 2021 to find the fish of your dreams in Costa Rica!

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