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Dove Shooting Holidays

Dove shooting over the last few years has become one of the best high volume shooting sports. The sheer numbers of Doves over different terrains make for some top class shooting. Regardless if you are shooting Doves over low lying crops or in the valleys as they return to roost, this type of shooting is going to do both – test and sharpen up your skills. Combine all this with top class accommodation and expert guides, it’s no wonder why Dove Shooting Holidays are a high priority on most serious guns wish list. Not only is it just the more experienced shots who can enjoy a great time away but the beginner gun too. There will be plenty of professional staff on hand to make sure they’re safe and have the opportunity to have a shot at some less challenging birds.

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Central and South America is the place to be should you wish to shoot the amazing and world-renowned Dove. From the accessible flights and luxurious transfers to your designated lodges where everything is there waiting for you, why would you not consider?

World class shooting awaits you where numbers of these non-migratory birds, considered pests by the locals are in extreme numbers which are all available to shoot, and by the thousands.

Why not visit the beautiful La Portenita is situated on top of a hill with magnificent views, nestled in a beautiful country setting. The house is set within the confines of a working Argentine Estancia, making for a unique hunting experience. The Lodge has been in operation since 1996 and is a very popular destination for our demanding clients and at only 50 minutes transfer time to the lodge, it makes for a pleasant, hassle-free journey.

La Dormida has exceptional excellence in its tradition and are unparalleled for their service and is the most exclusive accommodation ever offered to shooters. The Doves literally fly in waves, darkening the skies and whether you wish to focus on sheer numbers or go for the most challenging shots the options are yours. The lodge maintains 55 shooting fields all within a short drive through the region’s rolling farmland.

Not only is the shooting amazing but Meals at La Dormida feature the very best Argentine beef and other meats, and our menus are prepared by one of Argentina’s best chefs. Carefully selected Argentine vintages complement field lunches and dinner in the lodge — and indeed, the wines alone make La Dormida worthy of a visit!



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