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Hosted Popper Fishing Madagascar The Pearl Of The Indian Ocean

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New for 2024, we’re incredibly excited to announce a brand new hosted popper and jig fishing trip to the rich waters of Madagascar. This exclusive Sportquest trip is hosted by a Sportquest Holidays host, based on our liveaboard Catamarans and fishing from sport boats for the vast array of blue water species the country is famous for.

Madagascar itself is the fourth largest island in the world, and as you can imagine, its inshore and offshore coastal waters offer a wealth of exciting angling opportunities. However, some of the best fishing gets found on the volcanic island of Nosy Be, which in the Malagasy language means the ‘Big Island’, an island eight kilometres from the mainland in the Mozambique Channel in the country’s northwest corner. In this area off the coast of Nosy Be and around the surrounding islands of Nosy Komba, Mitsio, Sakatia, and Tanikely, the tropical blue waters are rich with life. They allow travelling anglers to fish for and catch a wide array of exciting species, such as Giant Trevally, huge Dogtooth Tuna, Grouper, King Mackerel, Amberjack, Black Marlin, and Sailfish, to mention just a few.

So if you’re a solo traveller or perhaps a pair of friends and have always dreamt of popper and jig fishing in a tropical location amidst a beautiful wild backdrop, then this trip to Madagascar, the ‘Pearl Of The Indian Ocean’ will tick all the right boxes.

Hosted Popper Fishing

This new and exclusive Sportquest Holidays trip is hosted by one of our experienced hosts and is ideal for solo anglers, pairs of friends and even small groups. Our team of hosts are hugely experienced as both hosts and fishing guides and are well travelled, taking trips of customers around the world and fishing in a wide array of different environments. From the arctic fjords of Norway, Cod and Halibut fishing, to the warm waters of Mexico Marlin fishing, to the stunning shores of the Skeleton coast in Namibia, they have done it all. All have been fishing for their entire lives, and most have been hosting trips for us for over ten years, guiding hundreds of customers over this time, helping many land new PBs and tick items off their bucket lists. As well as being on hand to help with the fishing and fishing tackle, they will be with you throughout the trip, helping you navigate the airports and transfers.

As well our host, on this trip, you’ll be looked after by an experienced captain and his crew of local deckhands, making this trip perfect for those looking to experience popper and jig fishing for the first time and those well-travelled and already passionate about that angling discipline.

The fishing in Madagascar is based on seven anglers and our host, staying in two liveaboard catamarans and fishing from two sport boats, with them alternating between the boats on each fishing day.

Fishing In Madagascar

The popper and jig fishing in Madagascar and Nosy Be is some of the best found anywhere in the world, and the waters are rich with marine life and a whole host of toothy predators willing to crunch your lures. This is one of the things that makes it excellent for travelling rods of all abilities and experience levels, as on most days, there is no shortage of angling opportunities.

As Nosy Be is a volcanic island, its underwater typography is incredibly varied and features an almost infinite amount of fishing spots. With a coastline of over 120 kilometres and a continental shelf over 15 kilometres wide, it’s an angler’s playground. Underwater structures and rock formations rise steeply from the sea bed and are the perfect habitat for vast numbers of large predators. It’s in and around these area’s that significant numbers of Giant Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, Grouper, King Mackerel, Amberjack, Black Marlin, and Sailfish, to mention just a few, gather to hunt their prey.

Fishing for these species is conducted across three main areas, either the island’s North, South or West side. Each of the marks within these areas of the Indian Ocean will have a different array of resident species, and the captain and our host will be on hand to offer advice and help to ensure you get the best out of the fishing and help you catch your target species.

The Best Popper & Jig Fishing

The popularity of bluewater popper and jig fishing has increased ten hold over the past couple of decades; there have been considerable advances in the tackle and an increase in exciting destinations worldwide.

Popper Fishing

For those that don’t know, poppers are designed to simulate a distressed fish or animal struggling on the water’s surface, and in general, a decent-sized lure, fast retrieval rate and a good ‘popping action’ should attract most species. Most poppers work best when fished around rocky outcrops and underwater structures, as this is where many big predators will sit and wait for unsuspecting bait fish.

This style of fishing can be particularly extreme at times, especially if you’re regularly hooking up and battling with big Pelagics. However, if, during the fishing day, you need a rest or want a break, you can relax on the boat and even enjoy a spot of trolling.

Jig Fishing

Jigging is a technique predominately done over deeper water as it covers the entire water column from top to bottom and can be very effective for many predatory fish. There are many different jigging techniques, but all involve dropping different lengths, shapes and colours of lures into the depths and then working them in a particular manner to entice a hungry predator to hit them. Slow, speed and butterfly all prove to be popular methods to fish with, but it all depends on what the fish are feeling on the day. Our host, your captain and deckhands will all be able to advise you on particular lures and techniques during different sets of conditions and tides.

Fishing Tackle

When fishing in Madagascar, the tackle needs to be up to the job and super strong spinning rods, matched with reels with a drag of 30kg, teamed up with PE8-10 braid, 150lb mono trace and tough split rings and swivels of at least 150kg breaking strength are a must.

If you don’t have all the tackle you need, then a whole range is available to hire on request. If you’re new to this style of fishing, then the crew onboard can offer you lessons.

If you’d like more information on popper and jig fishing in Madagascar, you can read our blog: popper and jig fishing around Madagascar or alternatively visit our YouTube channel. 


The fishing in Madagascar is different from many other destinations, as it’s not land-based; instead, it gets based on liveaboard catamarans. The catamarans are floating bases and can reach some of the most remote fishing spots offshore, many of which are simply out of reach for land-based operations. As with all fishing, these remote, neglected and unfished spots produce the best action. It also means you’re able to stay in the vicinity of the best fishing marks throughout the trip. Each day the sports boats and perfect fishing vessels that travel with the catamarans will take you to a series of spots for some phenomenal arm-wrenching action.


After an intense day on the sports boats, battling with some of the fiercest predators in the Indian Ocean, having a comfortable base to head back to is essential. So with that in mind, we have carefully selected the best catamarans in the region, known for their quality and comfort. On this exclusive trip, we offer two boats, both of which feature a sleeping cabin for each angler, a widescreen TV, electricity to recharge your batteries and devices and fresh running drinking water. 

Here at Sportquest, we firmly believe that as well as fishing, a successful trip also gets based on comfortable sleeping arrangements, excellent food, and relaxing atmospheres. 


The food served onboard is delicious, varied and original, prepared by the boat’s talented chefs. The food is produced and designed with local fresh produce and is mostly organically grown, featuring fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs.

Breakfast and evening meals get served and eaten on board, while lunches get prepared and packed on the sports boats to be enjoyed whilst out fishing. As for drinks, bottled water is provided and included. All other beverages, including soft drinks, beers, wines, spirits, and espresso coffee, are extra, payable on the Catamaran at the end of your stay. 

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Although the fishing days are fixed, the below itinerary is still flexible should you require additional free days to explore at the beginning or end of your holiday; we can tailor this itinerary to suit you personally. Feel free to talk to our travel consultants who can explain all options available.

DAY 1:

Depart Any international Airport (See Details)

DAY 2:

Arrive Addis Ababa Depart Addis Ababa

Arrive Nosy Be

Once you have arrived and collected your bags, a representative from Nirvana Fishing will be waiting to meet you. You will then be transferred by private taxi (approx. 45 minutes) to the marina, where you will board our speed boat to be taken out to the Catamaran (approx 2.45 hours). Before you board, you will be treated to lunch with our guides, and then when you are ready, you and the crew will make your way via our speed boat out to meet the Catamaran.

Depending on the time of the year and weather conditions, you will either travel out to fish around the north, south or west of Nosy Be. You can request an area to fish at the time of booking.

Overnight accommodation: Catamaran (Single rooms) F/B


Over the next five days, after breakfast, you will depart with your boat and crew to the various areas to fish different methods or target your chosen species. The fishing is conducted from 10.5 metres/ 34.5ft purpose-built sport boats perfect for a day’s popper or jig fishing. Our guides and host will help you as much as you need. Throwing poppers and jigging can be fairly extreme at times, so if you would like a rest from this style of fishing, then you can simply troll some lures for fish such as Sailfish and Tuna. We can also arrange for your group to have some lessons on popper and jig fishing. This will need to be arranged before you depart. You will then return back to the Catamaran for some relaxation and a good meal.

Overnight accommodation: Catamaran (Single rooms) F/B


Each day you can choose to fish in different styles; simply make it clear to your guide, and he will take you to the best areas for your chosen style of fishing. We can organise you a day’s popper fishing, jig fishing or trolling; it is entirely up to you. If you wish, you can even take a fly rod and chance your arm at catching one of these beasts on a fly rod. On your last days fishing, you will start earlier, around 6:00, and you will fish until it’s time to depart back towards Nosy Be. The departure will depend on the distance needed to travel back to Nosy Be. Once the boat has made its way back, a member of Nirvana Fishing will then transfer you to your overnight hotel on the island.

Overnight accommodation: Nosy Be Hotel (Twin Room) R/O

DAY 8:

This is a free day to relax and explore Nosy Be. This is a stunning beachside location, so there are plenty of things to keep you occupied.

Overnight accommodation: Nosy Be Hotel (Twin Room) R/O

DAY 9:

In the morning, once you have checked out of your hotel, you will take a taxi back to Nosy Be airport (taxi not included) to start your journey back to the UK. The reception will help organise this taxi transfer for you.

Depart Nosy Be

Arrive Addis Ababa

DAY 10:

Depart Addis Ababa


Customer Reviews

Average Customer Satisfaction Score 94%

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The season runs from October to June.

Giant Trevally

Season: October to June
Peak: October to May
Weight: 10lb to 140lb
Average Weight: 40lb

Dogtooth Tuna

Season: October to June
Peak: October to June
Weight: 30lb to 220lb
Average Weight: 60lb

Giant Grouper

Season: October to June
Peak: November to April
Weight: 50lb to 550lb
Average Weight: 220lb

King Mackerel

Season: October to June
Peak: October to June
Weight: 20lb to 75lb
Average Weight: 30lb


Season: October to June
Peak: October to June
Weight: 20lb to 65lb
Average Weight: 30lb

Yellowfin Tuna

Season: March to June
Peak: April to June
Weight: 25lb to 100lb
Average Weight: 40lb


Season: March to June & October to December
Peak: May to June
Weight: 40lb to 135lb
Average Weight: 65lb

Black Marlin

Season: October to June
Peak: March to June
Weight: 150lb to 1100lb
Average Weight: 300lb

Package Details

Prices from
per person


  • All international flights
  • All internal flights
  • Nosy Be airport to Catamaran transfers
  • Catamaran for accommodation
  • All meals on Catamaran
  • State of the art 34ft fishing boat
  • Professional guide
  • 5 days fishing
  • Nosy Be overnight hotel
  • Sportquest Holidays host


  • Personal holiday insurance
  • Nosy Be to airport taxi
  • All drinks
  • Personal items
  • Fishing tackle and local tips
  • National Park Fees €15 a day per person

Optional extras

  • Depending on the weather conditions and time of year you are travelling, you will get taken out to either fish the north, south or west of Nosy Be. You can, at the time of booking, request an area if you have a preference.
  • Custom Coaching: If you are a beginner or an experienced lure angler we can offer you coaching from the owner of Nirvana Fishing, Alain. He is fully qualified and recognised around the world as being one of the best. (BP JEPS - France) Alain will spend the day with your group helping iron out any bad habits you may have picked up. He has such a wide knowledge of all lure fishing and techniques that after you spend the day with him, it will vastly improve your saltwater adventures.
  • Tackle hire: We have complete rental packages to suit all styles of lure fishing from heavy popper setups to light jigging. All rods and reels are top quality brands and come fully loaded with brand new line. The equipment on hire is completely set right for the style of fishing so if you have not got the right equipment then we highly recommend taking the hire tackle package. There is also a tackle shop onboard the Catamaran where you can purchase the correct lures and are all very reasonably priced. Anything purchased in the tackle shop must be paid in cash (Euros)
  • Catamaran Upgrade: Please contact us for an up to date price if you interested in upgrading the liveaboard Catamaran
  • Flight upgrades: Please contact us for an up to date price if you interested in upgrading your flights

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Great trip with Big GT”s on the surface, a lot of fish jigging, great crew both on the fishing boat, and the damn food ever, every night and lunch. no doubt in my mind that I will be back in 2019

Response from Sportquest Holidays

Thanks for your review Henrik. So glad you managed your GT off the surface, something I know you wanted out of your trip.

All the best and speak soon


Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


WOW..... thanks Sportquest and Nirvana. this was our 3rd popper fishing holiday and this one will take some beating. How they managed to cook such nice fresh food on the Catamaran still amazes me. Great bunch of guys on the Cat and the fishing guides really know their stuff. Thanks

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


Fantastic trip we all managed some huge fish. Alain was brilliant and very patient with us. With this being our first popper fishing trip we certainly have caught the bug. Top marks

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest


Hi paul, thanks for the trip it all went to plan. We even managed to catch some fish which I have got lots of pictures if you want anything just let me know.

Staff & Service
Would use Sportquest again
Would recommend Sportquest

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