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Nubian Flats Fishing Report – Week 1 – 2023

As the first week of the 2023 season on the Nubian Flats began, we knew that there were some winds predicted for the trip, but the outcome was so much more than the predictions. With high winds pushing more water onto the flats, we started the trip fishing in high water with low visibility, but the clients were up for […]
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Nubian Flats Fishing Report – Week 5 – 2022

The 2022 Nubian flats season has been one for the books with many amazing catches, some serious weather and amazing scenery. The last group of the season had a 14 day trip in the Deep South. With the trip being longer than usual it allowed us to try new spots and different techniques such as more blue water fishing chasing […]

Nubian Flats Fishing Report – Week 4 – 2022

For the forth group of the Nubian flats season we went north to explore the vast flats that it has to offer. After a long season of extreme wind and seas, we finally had some beautiful conditions. Things looked good and we set off in high spirits. Getting to our first location around lunchtime, the day after the group arrived, […]

Nubian Flats Fishing Report – Week 3 – 2022

The wind has been relentless the last two weeks on the Nubian flats, and it did not look like it was planning on slowing down for the third week of the 2022 season in the Deep South. We were holding thumbs that it would give us a break, but to no avail. Nonetheless, we headed out early on the morning of […]

Nubian Flats Fishing Report – Week 2 – 2022

The second week of the Nubian Flats season in Sudan was looking good following the success from week one. The guys arrived late on the evening of 22 Feb, unpacked all the gear and headed off to bed as we were leaving port a few hours after that. The next morning the boat was busy with everyone sorting out the […]

Nubian Flats Fishing Report – Week 1 – 2022

The 2022 Sudan Nubian Flats fishing season is here and in full swing. The first group of the season was a whole six-pack of South Africans. However, upon arrival in Khartoum, they realised two significant bags had not found their way, and they decided to delay the trip south by a day and instead make a short trip north while […]

Nubian Flats 2021 Season – Week 9 Fishing Report

What a season its been so far over in Sudan, this lodge really does surprise us every week with the contents of each report! We are in desperate need of a trip here! Nubian Flats Week 9 The 2021 season on the Nubian Flats has been one to remember for a number of reasons. Being able to operate a smooth […]

Nubian Flats 2021 Season – Week 8 Fishing Report

Its week 8 on the Nubian flats! This week welcomed back some familiar faces who visited earlier on in the year. This week turned out to be a blinder of a week with some fantastic fish being landed, and a-lot of new species for the group! Nubian Flats Week 8 Week 8 saw the guys welcoming back X-Factor angling for […]

Nubian Flats 2021 Season – Week 7 Fishing Report

All we can say with this week is wow. We knew that Sudan was an amazing spot for targeting Triggers but we have never ever experienced something on this scale before! Nubian Flats Week 7 What a truly incredible week it was for the guests on board the Don Questo for Week 7 of the Nubian Flats season. We were […]

Nubian Flats 2021 Season – Week 6 Fishing Report

Another week comes to a close on the Nubian Flats, this week’s anglers had an absolutely blinding session with GTs, Triggers and even the odd Dogtooth Tuna on the fly! We can always count on the Nubian flats team to put anglers onto some amazing fish! Ill hand you over to the guys now to break down the week – […]
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