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Nubian Flats Fishing Report – Week 1 – 2023

As the first week of the 2023 season on the Nubian Flats began, we knew that there were some winds predicted for the trip, but the outcome was so much more than the predictions. With high winds pushing more water onto the flats, we started the trip fishing in high water with low visibility, but the clients were up for the challenge! We persevered and managed to bring a good couple of fish to the net! Although this would not be the last of the wind we would see on the trip, after two or three days, the wind started to give way a little.

As anyone who has fished for Triggerfish before will tell you, they are unpredictable, tough little guys to convince to eat a fly. On this trip, we experienced just about every way a Triggerfish could reject a fly. We had them spooking on casts five meters away, fish following flies up to the edge of the water, fish simply not interested in any flies, and of course, the famous continuous following of flies and “nibbling” but never inhaling the hook. Despite all the frustration and continuous changing of flies and leaders, we managed to succeed in landing a good number of Triggerfish between all the clients, including Yellow Margins, Titans, Picassos, and Orange line – a full selection of toothy crustacean eaters!

One of the most underrated fish of the Red Sea is the Bluefin Trevally, cousin of the famed GT. This stunning, electric blue smaller cousin of the GT punches well above its weight, and sight fishing them on the edges of the flats kept us entertained for a long time as they darted in, smashed big flies, and made a beeline for the reef as the 12 weights worked hard to hold them on the flat.

Although the numbers weren’t huge, there is no mistaking the excitement that surrounds seeing a big GT roll onto the flat as 12 weights are brought to the ready about to be put to the test on the big guns! This trip, we had a couple of shots at nice GTs with some ending in tears, but others conquering and managing to tick off on the bucket list – GT on the flats.

As the trip came to an end, we looked back and saw windy days and calm days, spooky fish and happy tailing fish. Although we dealt with some less than ideal conditions, the anglers showed commitment, kept at it, and managed to put together a good bag of flats fish that anybody could be proud of!


If you would like to know more information about the amazing mixed saltwater fishing on offer, read our full tour page for the Nubian Flats in Sudan. Alternatively, you can contact our freshwater fly fishing expert Peter Collingsworth on 01603 407 596 or email at

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