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Bronze Whaler Fishing

Species Spotlight: Bronze Whaler Shark

Name: Bronze Whaler Shark

Also Know as:  Bronzie, Copper Shark, Whaler Shark, Narrowtooth Shark

Scientific Name: Carcharhinus brachyurus

Description: The Bronze Whaler is a mean, sleek, killing machine, these widespread sharks are pure muscle houses and are very strong. The long snout of this fish has a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth that are used for biting into its favourite prey of squid and fish. The colour of this fish as the name suggest a Bronze \ coppery effect that when landed glistens in the sun. The eyes of the Bronze Whaler Shark are covered in a membrane that when threatened will lower down over the eye and cover it protecting it from harm. You can find out more about Bronze Whaler Sharks over on our YouTube channel.

Bronze Whaler caught in Africa

A beautiful Bronze Whaler Shark caught off the shore of  Namibia

Average Size:
The Bronze Whaler Shark reaches sizes well in excess of 300lb but the average size that is caught is around 100lb in weight.

Where to catch: The Bronze Whaler is very widespread in the waters it inhabits. You can catch Bronze Whaler Sharks from the coasts of the Americas at destinations like Brazil and Mexico, Australia and of course the rugged coastlines of Africa. When fishing Africa, many anglers target the Bronze Whaler Sharks from the shoreline with places such as Namibias beautiful Skeleton Coast and South Africa’s western coastline at places like Mossel Bay.

Shore Fishing for Bronze Whlaer Shark

Shore Fishing for Bronze Whaler Sharks

Fishing methods:
Bronze Whalers are top of the food chain and these fish need big meaty baits to entice them to bite. You can fish from both shore and boat for Bronze Whaler Sharks with shore fishing being the more popular of the 2. When fishing from the shore a stiff rod is needed to be able to deal with the Bronze Whalers long powerful runs. Big reels loaded with braid or mono are needed as well as these Sharks will head out to sea once hooked and sometimes there is no stopping the initial run. Big hooks loaded with meaty, bloody chunks of fish are the order of the day and these are either cast out or taken beyond the surf line by drone or remote-controlled boat.

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