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Species Spotlight: Monkfish

Name: Monkfish

Also known as: Angler fish, Frogfish, Sea devil

Scientific name: Lophius piscatorius

Monkfish Description

The Monkfish has a very large and broad head with a massive mouth full of very sharp teeth which point inwards. They have a flat body which is a mottled dark brown to black in colour and are covered in blunt spines which are under their loose skin. They have a pale underside to their body.

Monkfish Average Size

These amazing fish can reach sizes in excess of 200lb but the average you are likely to catch would be under 10lb’s in weight.

Where to catch Monkfish

Monkfish are a deep water fish which stays at depths of around fifty metres and usually substantially deeper than this. Monkfish are mainly found in the northeast Atlantic along with parts of the Irish Sea, the English Channel and the North Sea. With Norway being an extremely good place to target the bigger specimens, a destination such as Versteralen will give customers the perfect chance of catching one.

Monkfish Fishing methods

The Monkfish is an ambush predator, meaning that fish will not chase down any unsuspecting prey items. They use a natural lure called an esca which is attached to the top of their head to attract these prey items to them. Bringing them within range of their mouths they will then pounce forward, their wide gaping mouth engulfing the prey item. This means that to catch these fish you will need to fish shads or pirks close to the bottom, this lure would need to pass very closely to the Monkfishes mouth but once it does you will soon feel a heavyweight on the end of your line as this fish wolfs down the lure.

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  1. Jan Tucker

    We live on a very deep freshwater lake ten kl from the ocean, over three hundred feet deep. We do have land licked salmon. Would it be possible to have monkfish in our lake as a fish strongly resembling one was found. Well the skull was anyway with a small turtle feeding on it. We live in Nova Scotia Canada and have no other explanation. Thank you for your input. Jan Tucker

    1. Paul Stevens

      Hi Jan, sounds like it could well be a Monkfish but with out seeing a picture I wouldnt know but if it is connetced to the sea then it could possibly be one!

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