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Bolivia | Fly Fishing Holidays

Bolivia is a country that spans a wide range of environments, from the Andes Mountains right through to the Amazon basin and rainforest. This country has become world-famous for its Golden Dorado fly fishing. The two main systems of river Golden Dorado hold up in are the Agua Negra and the Pluma River. These two rivers both have an amazing reputation for Golden Dorado fishing and every year they produce multiple 20lb plus fish.

Secure Lodge | Hosted Golden Dorado Fly Fishing | Bolivia

If you have ever wished to go and experience some of the best Golden Dorado fishing on this planet? These hosted trips are for just 6 people each week, so perfect for single anglers. This is one of the most pristine environments of the world combine the stunning wildlife and amazing fishing this will be a holiday you talk about for a very long time... Read more

  Category: Fishing Holidays, Freshwater Fly Fishing, Hosted Fishing, Hosted Freshwater Fly Fishing, Hosted Guided Fly Fishing Trips
   Season: May to October

Secure Lodge | Golden Dorado Fly Fishing | Bolivia

Secure Lodge is the perfect destination for just 6 fly anglers looking for the jungle experience. With access to lots of water giving all anglers lots of opportunities for fly fishing with both heavy and light fly rods. The rivers contain hundreds upon hundreds of Dorado all aggressively feeding on the migrating bait fish. One fly fishing destination that you will remember for many years to come... Read more

  Category: Freshwater Fly Fishing
   Season: May to October
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Additional Information

Golden Dorado fly fishing in Bolivia is a breathtaking fishing trip that simply can’t be missed. Fly fishing Bolivia rivers in the heart of the jungle is something that has to be seen to be believed. Bolivia is a country found deep in South America being landlocked sharing borders with Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina. This vast landscape has many freshwater options to fish including Lake Titicaca. and the Amazon River. The two main species that visiting anglers wish to catch are the Peacock Bass and Golden Dorado.

Each year our Bolivia fly fishing trips to Tsimane become increasingly popular. A fishing holiday to Tsimane is unarguably the best Bolivia fly fishing destination on the planet. The Freestone Rivers each season sees hundreds of thousands of baitfish migrate up the river system and with them come thousands of large, aggressive feeding Golden Dorado. Tsimane has three distinct operations, Pluma Lodge, Agua Negra Camp and Secure Camp, all located within a 25-mile radius in the headwaters of Bolivia’s watershed

Pluma Lodge, which overlooks the Pluma River is considered the most deluxe and diverse of the Tsimane lodges. It is strategically located in the middle of the Pluma River below the confluence of two world-class systems, the upper Pluma and the Itirizama. This lodge caters to eight anglers per week with fishing mainly based on both up and downstream of the lodge. In addition, below the confluence of the Pluma River and Secure River, you have an additional 30 km of the larger Secure River. This additional section offers the biggest water in the whole of the Tsimane program and fishing these sections is not too dissimilar to classic Salmon & Steelhead fishing.

Secure Camp is the furthest upstream of the three camps and focuses on the uppermost reaches of the Secure River. It is accessed from an airstrip in the little village of Asunta, where it is common for many members of the community to come out and have a look at the new arrivals. From there it is about a 10-minute boat ride upstream to the deluxe six-person tent camp. The camp has been carved out of the jungle and built using a combination of site-milled hardwood and material shipped up the river. The camp is in a spectacular setting and is best described as both rustic and elegant.

Agua Negra Camp is designed for just 4 people who will fish two main river systems, the Secure and the Agua Negra. For adventurous anglers, Agua Negra offers one or two-night backpacking-style trips to the upper reaches of the system. These upper waters are the easiest to reach of Tsimane’s camping options.

Our Hosted Golden Dorado fishing trips are at a time of the year where South America’s most impressive migration of freshwater Sabalos and Golden Dorado takes place. Millions of these fish arrive every year in order to spawn between December and January. On top of this, you can catch big Pacus, Yatoranas, Surubi and a smaller variety of Dorado, which are only found in the Amazon. The location of our hosted trip is an Indigenous territory and a National Park. The landscape is incredibly wild and remote. The rivers where we fish are the headwaters of some Amazon tributaries, and its gin-clear currents run through jungle and mountains.

If you have any questions on the Golden Dorado fishing Bolivia trips we offer, contact our experienced team, they will be happy to help you with any queries you have. Additionally, you can request a free brochure.

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