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240 cm Halibut landed! – Vesterålen Fishing Report

All we can say about this week is WOW. Not only did the weather allow for the anglers to reach some distant marks, but they also produced a 250cm+ Monster!

Vesterålen – 29/08/2021

We will come with an update in the middle of the week. Simply because a huge fish has been landed here in Vesterålen. Our own Guide Håkon Nilsen, tells below about the experience of landing one of the largest halibut ever caught on a rod and reel…

This day I will never forget! It all starts with an otherwise nice day here in Vesterålen. The wind had died down, the sea was shining brightly, and the stage had been set for a long trip. I drove the Guide boat out, along with boat 5 to this crazy place.

We had been fishing for a while without so many contacts. The fishing was a bit difficult today, and that’s just the way it is sometimes. We got some nice Cod and a Ling. There have been several long trips with the week’s guests. Although the fishing was tough, we had hope. We continued to look for the big Cod, as I sat with a slightly larger Coalfish on my tackle.

Something sucks in my bait, and I crank in the circle hook. It stands still. Totally completely silent for about 10 seconds. I understand that this is something seriously big, it starts and swimming away. I tell all the guests in the boat that they have to crank up for this is something brutally big. The fight is underway… The fish presses against the bottom for a good 5-10 minutes, before I can lift my head up. It was incredibly important that the pressure was kept, otherwise this would be a much longer fight. When I get to push the fish about 50 meters up, it is the queen who decided, and accelerated to the depths once again. Now I could do nothing but hold on to things. I really had no chance to do anything…

This happens 2-3 times, but in the end I get it up to the boat and get to see the fish for the first time. Then the adrenaline really kicks in .. I was sure that this was a big Halibut, but that it should be so extremely big, I had never been able to imagine… After the battle of my life, I can finally secure my biggest fish ever. The adrenaline kicked in properly, and I did not quite know where to go. We then measured the fish several times to be completely sure of the length. Then we could conclude that this monster was extreme 240 cm long, and a new camp record in Vesterålen! What a crazy experience, and it was then appropriate to jump out with the dream fish for some pictures! I’m still completely speechless, and it has probably not dawned on me yet… But it shows once again that there are sea monsters here in Vesterålen too!

There will be another report this week. But we felt this had to be shared because it really is a completely unique catch! There have been several really cool catches from Vesterålen this week, so just look forward to the next report! The coming days look tough, and we will probably be somewhat limited in terms of fishing. Unfortunately, we can not control the weather!

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