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Å, Lofoten Islands Fishing Report 1st April 2024

As I said, we are starting a soft start at Å, with our Å veterans Father and son Geijerstam. Our first day was tough, and we battled it out with the waves and wind, but we had a good result, and the guys filled the freezer with some nice Cod.

On day two, the guys enjoyed some rest and recovery after the long first day.

On day 3, we drove back to where we caught most of the Cod on our first day. At first, we saw quite a few fish, but we had to look around until we found the shoal. From the first drop, it just continued where it had left off on the first day and constantly for the first 2 hours; the Cod kept coming and coming. After a good session and with sore arms and lactic acid, we took a well-deserved break with some food and coffee and then continued a little more before we slowly drove home for the day.

On day four we had a bit of an annoying wind, which made it impossible to get to the nice areas that we have fished in the previous days, so we decided once again to recharge our batteries, ready for the remainder of the week.

As many of you have now heard and read about, we have some new rules to follow in Norway with the fact, we are not allowed to directly fish for Halibut between the dates of the 20th of December to the 31st of March.

But on Monday, the 1st of April, we have a premiere for 2024 for the year’s first fishing session for Halibut. It remains to be seen how this goes as we still have a little wind in the coming days, but we should probably be able to come up with something here on Å.

Alexander Lindgren & Marcus Pettersson
Tight lines Å

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