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Å, Lofoten Islands Fishing Report 26th September 2022

Another week has now passed here for us on Å, you can now really feel in the air how it is really autumn at the same time as the mountains have gone from green to something that in the evening sun resembles a burning mass.

The fishing this week has certainly left us anything but disappointed. Alex, who started driving the guide boat this week, took the opportunity to test a relatively fishy area on the Halibut, and with a similar tradition when Alex tests new areas, a nice fish comes in the boat. After a bunch of smaller Halibut, it sings in Thomas’s rod and a really exciting figth in a tight channel can take place, two turns down to the bottom later and Thomas was able to inspect his new pb on a fine 145cm! Shortly afterwards, Kristian with the Dutch reports in 3 fast Halibut with one of 110cm at the top! After that, the day ended with a really good victory race in the local area where the tops were a slightly sick 18 kilos and 19.8 kg. A Pollock of that caliber is truly something spectacular,

On Sunday, Daniel steered the boat towards an area that would hopefully have decent weather, but after driving around the Lofoten tip had to make a new plan for the day as there were still large amounts of old lake rolling in. After moving a bit southeast of the first intended area, they find a patch of calmer water and can finally lay the first drift of the day. It takes barely half an hour before Lars stands with his rod bent, a rather undramatic fight takes place and after a small sound the first Halibut of the day appears inside the boat, a lively little figure in perfect food size that will definitely be enjoyed by the guests for a couple of evenings to come .

On it again and quite immediately when the drift pulls in over the same spot, Lars’s rod bends again and after a few icy seconds he can signal fixed fish, again this time a nice fish just under 90cm. Bob and Thomas still haven’t had a pet and Thomas therefore chooses to change to a Mackerel that gets a cut in the side for extra scent. Thomas probably doesn’t have time more than down to the bottom and up a couple of crank strokes before the rod bends properly and the line ticks out at a steady pace from the spool of the reel, as usual, the Halibut are moving well and a couple of reel screams had to take place before Daniel can land the fish is measured to a really nice 137cm, and of course after a couple of pictures it swims back home as 130cm is the maximum limit for fish we take home to the dining table on our campers rule that all our guests understand and cherish.

Monday and finally some fine weather on the way resulted in a small expedition out to the north side in search of some Cod to fill up the boxes, once in place there will be quite a lot of searching at first but after a while Daniel can find a nice concentration of fish which are pushed under the baitfish right on the slope down towards deeper water. It then did not take long before all the guests in the boat were standing with solid fish and one Cod in the 7 kilo class broke the surface of the water after the other, it did not take long before the guests considered that there was enough food fish in the tub and that the urge to drill Halibut was high on the list. No weirdness with that and barely 5 minutes from the Cod hook, the first drift of the day is put on Halibut, where Thomas immediately hooks a smaller fish that was released at the edge of the boat, The same drift over the area again and this time Lars’s rod snaps and after a real karate rush, the equipment unfortunately gives way and the line comes off.

No reason to cry over spilled milk and soon Lars will have a new Halibut on the hook in perfect food size. The Dutch who are a little bit away end up on a really nice spot where several Halibut were landed with a 125cm in the top followed by boat 11 who reported a really nice fish of 120cm. Kristian who ran a day guide picked up a nice fish around 110cm just a couple of minutes from the fight, being close to the hot spots is clearly an advantage especially if the weather is tougher.

Now at the beginning of this week there will be a real storm so the fishing will be limited for us, but as usual you don’t have to travel far at this camp to reach nice areas to have a chance at your dream fish.

Tight lines// Daniel Freland, Alexander Lindgren and Kristan Hausken


If you, like many others, have ever dreamt about fishing the prolific waters of Å on the Lofoten Islands and would like to know more information on how you can join us, you can contact our sea fishing specialist, Paul Stevens, on 01603 407596 or email at

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