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Å, Lofoten Islands Fishing Report 29th September 2022

This week has probably offered some of the best fishing we’ve had in a long time here on Lofoten! The week started with perfectly fine weather where our boats headed for Halibut fishing. Kristian Hausken and the guide boat found a really good spot in a slightly shallower area and after the first 2 hours can report 3 nice food Halibut with one of 107cm in top. Even Daniel who steered boat 3 managed to spot a nice area at the end of the day and had a real pang fishing with Halibut contacts in every drift, no. 6 for the day was the biggest with his nice 105cm. But what definitely stood out from the crowd was Boat 6, who succeeded in something completely unique! not only did they manage to get one Coalfish over 20 kilos, but two with the largest at a sickly 20.7 kilos. A Coalfish of that size is something completely extra and ranks high among the top fish overall during this season!

Alex steered the guide boat towards Cod fishing but as usual the big Halibut are drawn towards him. After a bunch of nice Cod, the drift dies out and it was time to go up to the top again, Tony who was the first down to the bottom hooks a decent Cod on his jig and barely manages to get it halfway up from the bottom before it stops! Now a giant c has risen up after the Cod and swallowed both jig and Cod, the others in the boat have to quickly wind up while line sprays from Tony’s reel. The head shake of the fish signals quite immediately that this is a really big fish and after quite a while with heavy rushes the fish can finally break the surface of the water where Alex can secure the fish. Jubilation in the boat takes place when the thumbstick is not enough, so now number 23 is over two meters this season landed and measured at 203cm!

Yesterday Daniel and the guys in boat 3 experienced a completely mindless fishing for big Halibut, The day started with 3 fast smaller fish up to 105cm, a suitable warm-up for what is to come. A bit into the drift, a really neat hit from a large Halibut on the sonar takes place, followed by a bend in Håkan’s rod. But when Håkan has to hook the fish, there is never any weight, the Halibut has thus spit out the bait fish. a few semi-boring seconds later unfold before the fish goes up again for another taste test, this time without talking, Håkan neatly cranks the circle hook and the fight was on, ten minutes pass without the fish leaving the bottom, Urban takes over and helps break up the fish . everything goes relatively smoothly until we see fishing for the first time when all of a sudden it just chooses to be lead heavy… Urban struggles and after a few minutes succeeds in getting the last piece to the surface where Daniel can secure a real dream fish of a magical 192cm! a bunch of pictures and then down into the depths again, talk about a world-class experience in incredible weather, late autumn is really one of the hottest periods to land your dream fish.

After that, cod fishing was on the schedule and already in the first run they found a good Cod race where the majority were in the 5-10 kilo size range. but in the middle of the crowd of all the bait fish, suddenly brutal echoes occur between the seijm, The large Halibut seemed to have woken up again, First to hook in was Christer who almost thought he was sitting on the bottom, while Daniel helps him, Urvan hooks in the next wall to Halibut ! now there are two people with a big fish in the boat where both Halibut are swimming in different directions… after a few minutes, unfortunately, Urban’s fish chooses to swim down over an edge and the line comes off, boring but full focus was instead put on Christer who is fishing at full speed. A few sweaty minutes later and the fish is landed. brutally strong and beautiful Halibut of 162 cm touches a new personal best and also a flounder debut for the catcher!

Now, unfortunately, this season is coming to an end, there is only one day’s guiding left and a film shoot on the schedule this year.
We at Å therefore want to thank all the guests once again for an absolutely fantastic season that will definitely go down in the history books as the best fishing story of all time!

Many thanks//Daniel Freland and Alexander Lindgren!


If you, like many others, have ever dreamt about fishing the prolific waters of Å on the Lofoten Islands and would like to know more information on how you can join us, you can contact our sea fishing specialist, Paul Stevens, on 01603 407596 or email at

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