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Å, Lofoten Islands Fishing Report 4th August 2022

Then it’s time to sum up an absolutely fantastic week which, unfortunately, has come to an end. The weather has shown its best side and the fishing as well!
On Sunday, as I said, Jakob “Terminator” and his son Anton “TerminatorJR” arrived and opened up their first day of fishing with a Halibut of 170 cm, an absolutely crazy nice fish for Anton but it wouldn’t end there, bigger fish are undoubtedly their melody!

Monday, some new guests arrived the night before and could now meet up with Daniel at the Wharf for departure at 06:00, The weather looked really nice during the morning but unfortunately the wave height and the wind would gradually build throughout the day and then become fishable when the water receded towards decreasing towards the afternoon. Once out, It doesn’t take long before Thor gets a really good bow in the rod followed by a proper counter-stab, Some main thing from hell signals that it is clearly a better fish and before you know it it has swum down to the bottom and stood and bull, A few strokes later and the fish’s head is lifted.

A little further away, colleague Erik Axner is with his Family, teasing monsters! Father-in-law had hooked big! The fight is relatively undramatic, but there is no question that it is a real giant they have on the hook! With a weight from another planet, the rod bottoms out and everything is really put to the extreme! The equipment measures up and after a strategic change, Erik’s Mom was able to lift the fish from the bottom and with steady pressure bring it all the way up to the surface where Erik can now land this MAGICAL fish of 232cm! Incredible performance and teamwork in the boat makes this possible, big Congratulations from all of us at NSA! After a bunch of good pictures, this fish just like all the others over 130cm swims down into the depth again after gentle handling.

Jakob and Anton, who are some distance away, also hook a nice fish and after a couple of good rushes, Anton can land a really nice Halibut this time of 174cm… absolutely crazy performance from such a young but oh so inveterate fisherman to land such a fish! Talk about Anton following in his father’s footsteps when it comes to catching giant fish, and bigger they will be…

Tuesday and finally really good weather, Light winds and sun in the afternoon, can it get any better? Well, with a flounder fishing that is completely beyond reasonable measures, everything can really get better even if the sun is already shining. Alex steers the guide boat and Daniel runs the same boat team as the day before. Alex opens the day with them drilling big fish in the first drift as usual… This is becoming a habit over the radio at the beginning of the day, it’s just a tip of the hat to our guide Alex! After a few minutes of silence, Alex can secure a slightly crazy fish of 174cm for the guests.

But to draw a small summary of the end of the day, Alex and company hook another fining of 185cm followed by Att Daniel Reports in that his guest Olof landed a really nice one of 161cm. Jakob and Anton report shortly after that a double hit with 197cm and 140cm and that they end the day with another nice fish of 180cm!!! Talk about the fishing being absolutely world class!

Wednesday and the last day of fishing for the guests, on this day the weather conditions are clearly more difficult than before and the stormy sea is worse, but our guests fight on. Erik lands a nice fish of 168cm in a really messy lake and therefore chooses to release it after only a few quick pictures of it at the edge of the boat. Some distance to the east, Jakob and Anton are in a slightly more weather-protected area and harrowing, all of a sudden one rod bends down to the surface of the water followed by a few solid head shakes! The fight will be neat and the landing as well! The fish is measured at 203cm and is number 21 over the magical 2 meter limit this year!

Big congratulations to Jakob and Anton from all of us at Nordic Sea Angling! After a few quick pictures, it obviously swims on to ensure that we will be able to have fantastic fishing next year!
in addition to these fish, of course food fish between 80cm and 130cm come up between the boats at regular intervals! It is incredibly important that we follow these guidelines so that fishing will continue to be stable for generations to come.

Now we await next week’s guests!
Daniel, Alex, Oskar and Markus


If you, like many others, have ever dreamt about fishing the prolific waters of Å on the Lofoten Islands and would like to know more information on how you can join us, you can contact our sea fishing specialist, Paul Stevens, on 01603 407596 or email at

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