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A mixed bag of species! – Palmas de Cortez Fishing Report

A fantastic week overall in Palmas de Cortez, this week saw a huge range of species for all the anglers who took to the waters this week! It just goes to show, that resting the water means the fishing only gets better.

A mixed bag in Palmas de Cortez

The Sea of Cortez has been bountiful in providing both the number and variety of species so far this season. For the fleet in general the Tuna bite has been excellent and consistent. Most of the action has been well offshore with occasional flurries of action within twelve miles of shore straight out from Cabo Pulmo. Our fly fishing clients were able to cast to and cash in on Tuna busting bait on the surface. Otherwise, most of the fish are being caught on trolled flies or conventional gear.The Marlin bite continues to improve and to the advantage of our fly fishing folks. Of the more common species we normally pursue this time of year, the Dorado has been spotty to date. When found, the fish have been of good size.

With the abundance of bait in the water, I think it is just a matter of time before the bigger Dorado schools show up. The Roosterfish have been here in good numbers and in good size, providing many exciting moments of combed out fish in full attack mode. As usual, the Roosterfish have been tough to convince that feathers and hair constitute good Roosterfish cuisine resulting in heart-stopping, last-second refusals at our client’s feet. The reward of the fish that takes the fly is one of the greatest thrills and accomplishments in fly fishing. Along with the Roosterfish, our beaches have been providing some great fishing opportunities for Jack Crevalle, who at times react like Roosterfish to the fly and snub presentations with the slightest of imperfection in the retrieve.

Persistence, patience and focus on execution has its rewards for both species. Condition wise, the water temps are ideal holding in the low 80’s. The winds have finally died down from earlier this spring, while the afternoons have been getting downright warm. The air mass is still relatively dry, so evenings are pleasantly cool, ideal to enjoy sitting outside for a meal or just watching the sunset, an adult beverage in hand.

Sounds like a plan to me.


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