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Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 18th – 25th November 2023

Another unforgettable week on Alphonse with some incredible bone fishing and some extremely noteworthy GTs. The weather and fish both played their part, with multiple fish caught on clear windless days, just what the Seychelles is known for.

The neap tides meant that there was lots of water on the flats and with that, came the congregation of massive shoals of Alphonse bonefish. The majority of the anglers were keen to get stuck in and our guides knew exactly where to take them, this lead to our best bonefish week of the season so far by some margin. With a total of 379 bones netted during the week, you can just imagine how reels were screaming non-stop every single day.

The highlight of the week was no doubt a massive GT caught by angler Mike Nowak. Mike and the newest guide to join the AFC team, Josh, were fishing the top lagoon late on Tuesday afternoon, casting at one of the many coral heads within the lagoon. With fading light and some slightly dirty water, Mike’s fly was smashed by a monstrous fish which immediately peeled line and began threading its way through the surrounding coral. With only 80 lb monofilament leader, Josh had to delicately unstitch leader and fly line from the corals as he frantically chased down the fish and tried to get on top of it.

After some stressful moments the fish was bought to the side of the boat and both angler and guide were completely shocked at the massive proportions of the fish. The fish was measured and came to a staggering 128 cm, a true dinosaur of the top lagoon! Congratulations to Mike and his guide Josh who managed to catch our biggest GT of the 2023/2024 season on Alphonse so far. Mike also managed to catch another beautiful specimen measuring 89 cm later in the week, a very memorable trip for Mike indeed!

Robert Smith had a very special first visit to the atoll. He arrived with very clear intentions to catch a giant trevally and made it happen, managing to land his first of the sought after species. Although his primary goal had been achieved, he didn’t kick his feet up, and he then went after our Indo-Pacific permit and managed to catch the only golden nugget of the week.

Well done to anglers Paul, Tom, Bruce and Mike Timms who also managed to catch geets and again to all the anglers for making the most of the incredible bonefish population out here!

We look forward to the upcoming spring tides and some more epic fishing opportunities that will come with them. Stay tuned for next week’s report.

Tight lines,
Alphonse Fishing Co. on Alphonse Island

Bonefish 379
Giant trevally 7 (biggest 128 cm)
Indo-Pacific Permit 1


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