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Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 22nd October 2022

The first week of October was quite an eventful one, filled with the heartbreak of losing good fish – a feeling every angler knows all too well. Luckily, the losses were accompanied by sweet victories throughout the week, keeping the anglers hopeful and assured their time would come, everyone was strong-willed, and we fished hard for target species.

The milkfish were up in patches this week with the winds changing direction and pushing the algae the feed to the surface. After a good few hours of hunting the milks, targeting those feeding, two eventually came to hand.

The tides during the week were prime and made for favourable fishing conditions on the fingers at specific times during the day, and as usual, anglers had shots at a good number of triggerfish. Anyone who has fished for triggers on the fingers knows just how tricky they can be even after multiple shots, which is what makes catching them so rewarding. Two anglers were able to come right and land a yellow margin and moustache triggerfish, respectively.

The bonefish were happy as usual, and the anglers for the week all enjoyed their share of St. Francois bonefish, with a couple of anglers landing over 20 bones in a day. Three of the anglers managed to land their first giant trevally, with the biggest one measuring 70 cm.

With water temperatures still slowly rising, the AFC guides are excited for what is to come! Stay tuned for next week’s fishing report.

Tight lines,
From Alphonse Fishing Co.


Anglers: 7
Bonefish – 248
Giant trevally – 3
Yellowmargin Triggerfish -1
Moustache Triggerfish -1
Milkfish -2


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