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Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 26th May 2022

Another successful week here at Alphonse with five skiffs out on the water, this week being the last full week of the season! We experienced some very strong winds this week as we approach the monsoon season, wind or no wind – our adamant guests went out and still managed some incredible catches. Starting with the ghosts of the flats – we managed to land a total of 323 Bonefish.

Nick, Brad and Adam all managing their first Bonefish, with Brad, Richard, Joan, Willem and Adam all landing 20+ Bones in one day. Bruno, Adam, Willem, Joan, Richard, Justin and Nick all managed to land some monster Bonefish over 60 cm in length.

With the neap tide in full swing this allowed for our anglers to target a variety of species all day regardless of the tide. The triggers were short to come by this week but we still managed to find some around the fingers – with Willem and Joan both landing beautiful Moustache Triggerfish and Justin catching two Yellowmargin Triggerfish, his second one measuring in at a whopping 55 cm, on the same day Justin managed a SLAM with a 60 cm GT and a Bonefish to top it all off.

Moving onto our gangsters of the flats – Richard managed his first GT, Bruno landed a 66 cm GT, Brad also managed a 67 cm GT. Justin managed to land two GTs, one measuring in at 70 cm and a bigger one of 89 cm. Nicholas landed a monster of 94 cm with Willem being the king of the flats and managing his personal best of 100 cm. Brad went after the holy grail and managed to land a beautiful 50 cm Permit.

All in all another spectacular week here on Alphonse with some very happy guests and a ton of great memories. Well done to all the anglers on some very special catches and an exceptional week as a whole. Stay tuned for next week’s catch report.

Tight lines,
From Alphonse Fishing Co. on Alphonse Island


Bonefish 323

Giant trevally 7

Triggerfish 4

Bluefin Trevally 3

Permit 1


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