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Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 6th February 2023

Persistent wind and scattered rain showers plagued the week, which made for tougher fishing on St Francois Atoll. But there were gaps in the weather and everyone took advantage of their opportunities and by the end of the week, a lot of good fish had come to the net.

Sunday started off with good momentum in terms of energy and excitement that had carried over from the previous week and there was a great atmosphere among old friends and holidaying families.

The bait was still around, and the geets were all over it. It didn’t take long for the guides to catch on, follow the bait, and wait for schools of GTs to come in. The morning was full of chaos, by the end of the madness seven geets were landed for the first day!

Father and daughter, David and Maddie, both managed a flats slams during the week, both consisting of a bonefish, a GT and a triggerfish! Described as ‘the best day of her life’ this is definitely something that won’t be soon forgotten for Maddie whose moustache triggerfish stretched the tape to 46 cm!

The middle of the week proved to be slightly tougher and the fishing slowed a bit but the weather took a turn for the positive towards the end of the week and it wasn’t long until the anglers’ rods were back to being bent! The Triggerfish were out in numbers, and we enjoyed having shot after shot at countless of the tricky fish on the finger flats. As usual, a few were lost, some broke off and a couple managed to bite through their hooks or run into their holes. Among the heartbreak, a few were landed, including a massive 55 cm Yellowmargin.

Oliver and his eldest Huckleberry also got in a good few bones and a couple of Giant Trevally. A special mention to Huckle, aged five, for landing a very impressive 75 cm geet with the assistance of his dad.

Stay tuned for next week’s report.

Tight lines,
Alphonse Fishing Co. on Alphonse Island

Bonefish 122
Giant Trevally 12
Yellowmargin Triggerfish 2
Moustache Triggerfsh 4


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