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Awesome start to the week at Vesterålen 23rd August

Yet more customers fishing out in Norway. This time a great group fishing out at Vesterålen and by the sounds of the report from the guides, the group are having a great time.

Vesterålen is a great destination if you are looking at multi-species fishing, the size of the species here just seems to be on the bigger size than most places and the variety of fishing opportunities is great compared to many places. Here is the report so far this week from the Nordic Sea Angling guides:

Awesome start to the week at Vesterålen 23rd August

Finally, better weather has rolled in the area and the newly arrived guests had nice fishing already, to say the least. The new week consists of a group of Englishmen from Sportquest and a group of Swedes, we also have a visit from a Danish family who are here for a few days fishing. Yesterday was the first day with the new guests and the weather would be great! after planning for the fishing, we met the guests down on the pier and could really feel the incredible view of high mountains and the fjord that turned into a mirror. After the guests told us that they wanted mixed fishing, it was an easy decision by me and Jörgen to take them out to “Buffén” which is one of our newly discovered areas with incredibly varied fishing for halibut, cod, coalfish, redfish, whiting.

Jörgen who guided boat number 2 was right on the drop off to 60 meters and sometimes ended up in crazy fishing where every time you let go hooked on a coalfish of between 10-15 kilos, speed jigging fishing for Coalfish out here is really incredible and the smiles on the guests when they repeatedly hook a fish and it literally squirts outline from the reel makes you nothing but love this type of fishing.

After a while, Daniel and the gang in boat 6 left the pinnacle and went in search of the Halibut. After stopping at the top and pulling some baitfish, the first drift could finally begin and it was not long before Eric hooked up. First Halibut, a smaller fish just below size but clearly a good start to the first drift! We decide to go back to the start of the drift and pretty soon Eric hooks up with another fish of the same calibre! then it happened again but for Roger this time and after a rather undramatic fight, even his first Halibut could be landed. Just so we didn’t overfish the area we moved the boat to a new spot just to the east and first drift down we had a double at the same time, Eric and Roger stood and both played a Halibut.

Last Friday it was nice weather again and the guests with Jörgen in the lead went out to the more distant peaks on the west side with cod and Coalfish as target fish, the fishing started there relatively sluggish and it was difficult to find fish that were hungry. After a good deal of looking around, the boats radioed in with a good bunch of cod around ten kilos and as “usual” several nice Coalfish of around 12-13 kilos. But the great fishing had gone so Jörgen took a chance and headed north towards the buffet.

The fishing on the buffet did not disappoint the guests, the fishing really started to loosen up for the guests in Jörgen’s boat! Cod upon cod in the ten kilos class took turns and between the cod, the great Coalfish threw themselves at the baits and several real dream fish of up to 15 kilos were landed.

Yesterday the forecasts showed rain and southerly winds of 10 m / sec so fishing on the west side was simply not possible, instead, Daniel and Håkan steered the boat with the guests towards Hadselöya in search of some species fishing. After several hours of Halibut fishing with only a couple of contacts, the guests in Daniel’s boat finally managed to coax up a nice Halibut in food size, however, one should probably not forget to mention the 130cm cod that we managed… The highlight of the day was when two big coalfish took one rig in over 150 metres of water and a number of loud laughter and swearing were heard in the boat.

Håkan instead went with the guests to a nice Cod place and had a really nice amount of fishing with Cod up to 8-9 kilos. Now again the weather shows worse conditions but nothing is impossible. We keep our fingers crossed for better weather!

Tight Lines // Daniel Freland, Jørgen Zwilgmeyer & Håkan Nilsen

Thanks for keeping us all informed and it sounds like you are taking great care of our customers. Cant wait to get out there myself.

If you fancy trying this destination then get in touch while we still have a few weeks available, if you keep putting off that trip you keep meaning to book, you may find it to be too late as we have hardly any weeks available. Call our office on 01603 407596 and we can organise a trip for you

Tight lines, Paul Stevens

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