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Belousiha River Lodge Fishing Report 29th June to 4th July 2019

Its been a fantastic week on both the Belousiha and Voronya rivers in Russia, this week saw a lovely group of enthusiastic anglers who all managed to land themselves some Atlantic Salmon on the fly.

Belousiha River 29/06/2019

The second fishing week on the Belousiha and Voronya rivers. By tradition, on Friday our camp welcomed guests: two British anglers Julian and his son William, three Russians, our old friends Alexey and Alice, Vlad who has never fished here and Jan from USA. Filming of another fly fishing show was continued on the second week by Dmitry with a cameraman Ivan.

The weather was stable. Generally, partly cloudy. One day it drizzled. The temperature did not rise higher than 18 degrees and did not fall below 7 degrees during fishing days. Northern and South winds changed every day.

The water temperature rose from 9 to 13 degrees in the Belousiha River and from 7 to 10 in Voronya.

The water level in the Belousiha gradually decreases and approaches closer to a July low mark. On Voronya daily changes from low to middle.

The first half of the week fishing was quite hard on both rivers. In comparison with the previous seasons, there was an impression that fish came in fewer numbers than the same week last year. Some pools were looked empty but unexpectedly, others were good. The Obkom pool and the Tube constantly produced at Belousiha, every day something was caught or lost. On the Voronya, we fished only two days from three, only two fishes were landed. Every day we hooked an Atlantic Salmon.

The latter half of the week was absolutely another story. There was a feeling that the fish came in big quantities during one to two nights. Silverbacks began to come out on the river Voronya. The river became alive. It gave confidence and passion to the anglers. And they caught 5 Salmon during the last two days. Only dark flies tied on tubes worked: Sunray and Collie Dog.

On the Belousiha river, changes appeared too. On the “Glinka 1”, bombers well worked. But the fish were not easy to land on the one hook surface fly. On “Glinka 2”, we found a couple of dozen fresh fish. Many Grilses as well. But frankly speaking, we did not find the right fly for them.

On the last day, the fishing turned out the most interesting. The Belousiha only produced two fish, we lost 7. The most interesting place was “The Swedish Table” in my opinion. The fish on it were very active, and very aggressive towards Willigun and Undertaker flies. The “Three Steps” are always trouble-free throughout the season, and this time produced us with fish. On Voronya, 4 fish were caught and 2 were lost. Meanwhile, 6 of 7 fish were caught on “Twins” caught on Dima flies.

Anyways, everyone landed some nice Atlantic salmon. For Vlad, Alice and Jan it was their first Atlantic Salmon! Jan, a very skilled saltwater fisherman, who has a lot of world records of IGFA, says that his first time on the river produced some interesting fight with the fish and literally fell in love with Belousiha.

Records of week:

86 cm the Atlantic Salmon caught on single-hand rod #7 on Silver Doctor fly on the river Belousiha.

92 cm the Atlantic Salmon caught on spey rod #7 on Sunray Shadow fly on the river Voronya.

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