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Belousiha River Lodge Fishing Report 4th to 9th August 2019

Although the anglers this week still experienced some of the poor week that came in July, this didn’t stop them from landing some very impressive Salmon on the fly.

Belousiha River 04/08/2019

The first week of August, we met Andrew from the South African Republic visiting again. This season he chose a week earlier than in the past, he was also joined by Eaun and Arthur from England.

The weather hasn’t really changed since last week. The winds were blowing from the north and it was raining often, meaning that the temperature did not rise above 9 degrees. The water in the Belousiha River is at a medium level with a temperature of around 7-8 degrees. The Voronya is still quite high, with a water temperature of 7 degrees.

All days were fishing on the Beloushiha. The rotation allowed guests to spend time on only one river, which was consistent with the anglers requests.

The Beloushiha was favoured, with 3 to 12 Atlantic Salmon caught daily. Almost all pools worked. Fishing in the canyon was simply incredible – we sneaked on top, marked the places where we spotted Salmon holding, and then could perfectly cast with a correction from the wind from the height of 9 meters. When we watched the fish follow the moustaches of hitch, they were breathtaking, and as soon as the fish was on the hooked, the screams of loud echo spread between the stone walls of the canyon. It was very similar to Iceland says the anglers. Several trophies were also landed on secret local pockets in the rapids. Three Steps and the First Rapid gave us a lot of fish – two days spent only on these two pools, as anglers didn’t want to go anywhere else!

At the bottom, all slow pools worked nice, both Glinka’s, Inspectors pools and Fedorovsky Stream. Lots of fish were caught in quiet water. Three very unfortunate fish were lost on the doorstep at the Big Stone – a difficult place to land fish, but two were landed.

About a dozen Salmon got caught, but anglers mostly caught Silvers covered in sea-lice. The Sea trout are coming too, with at least 30 fresh fish caught.

This week’s produced some great results for three fishermen. On the last day, Arthur was not lucky, the fish could not be landed. On the way back to the lodge, he was offered any pool for 15 minutes, he chose the Inspectors pool, where he caught his only Salmon on the day, thus making the perfect end of the week – no blank days for anyone on the water.

Records of week:

Two 84 cm Atlantic Salmon caught on the Lower and Middle Steps on rods: switch #9 and single hand #8. Flies: Golden Willigun & Mikael Frodin’s Willigun.

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