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Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge 10th to 16th June – Fishing Report

Welcome back to our weekly river and fishing reports. Time passes so quickly, it seems like just yesterday I was writing the last report for the 2018 season. Maybe it has something to do with getting older, that’s what they tell me, lol.

I have no idea of what the rest of the season will bring but we have sure started with plenty of water! All our rivers are running high and stained. Winter was long with more snow than I can remember and the spring has been cool with no major heat to speak of. Our snow is melting slowly in the hills and maintaining our water levels above normal for this time of the season. The Grand Cascapedia levels fall during the day and rise during the night due to snow melt. non-stable water levels make catching difficult, salmon take better in stable or falling water levels.

The Grand is running high and stained. This shot was taken Wednesday, it’s come down a lot and looking much better and fishable.

The Bonaventure is flowing at 80 cubic meters per second, normal for this time of the year is 40 to 50 range. The Petite Cascapedia only opens on June 15th but is flowing at 75 cubic meters per second, normal is 40. The Grand Cascapedia is at 150 where it should be in the 50 range. The Grand was in the 300 on June 4th, its falling quickly.

Thankfully we can fall back on the Bonaventure when the Grand Cascapedia is not fishing well. The bony is high but getting clear.

Enough about the weather and water flow, we’ll soon be praying for rain. The first week is always exciting, everyone is looking for that first big fish of the season. This time of year we are fishing our high water pools from top to bottom, you just never know where a fresh salmon will be holding. This was true for Fiona who hooked into a nice fish on the lower end of Grassy pool on the Bonaventure. Unfortunately after five minutes on the line and a couple of big head shakes it was gone. She redeemed herself the next day with a nice 12 pounder at Kelly pool on the Bony.

Fiona plays a nice fish on the Bonaventure, way to go girl!

The high tides of June began on Friday and will continue through next week, this should bring in our first run of big salmon. salmon are entering the Grand Cascapedia on every tide, catching has been a challenge.

Big Water and the pull of a big salmon, unfortunately, that’s the way the story ended.

Toby with his first salmon from this side of the Atlantic, congratulations Toby, well done!

Fly’s of choice have been the Nagli, Silver Rat, Stone Ghost and the Picasse in Sizes 2 and 4. Spey flies also work well at this time of the season in sizes 1.5, 3 and 5. The Green Spey, Picasse and Jones Special are always good choices.. Sorry nothing to report on dry’s yet, the water’s still too high and cold.

With water levels are slowly returning to normal, Hugh managed to land this nice one on the Grand Cascapedia. great job Hugh!

The excitement of the first morning of the season!

Camp Bonaventure regular Fiona hooks the first one of the new season, Congratulations Fiona!

Camp Bonaventure guide Robert with a nice salmon landed by angler Marcel, nice one Marcel.

Francisco with Camp Bonaventure master guide Jean Marc Poirier, congratulations Francisco, nice start to the season!

Customer playing a nice salmon.

Customer lands fish and what a nice fish it is.

Until next week tight lines and for those Sportquest Holidays customers joining us soon, we are already looking forward to having you.

Regards Peter

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