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Cosmoledeo Atoll Fishing Report 1st March 2022

As we had hoped the week was a fantastic show, with all-round great angling and new anglers catching their first GT within the first couple of days on Cosmoledo. Some of the guests concentrated on specific species as it was their first time in the Seychelles. Drew Chicone was leading the pack in this regard as he caught everything in his path – groupers, snappers, GTs, triggerfish, bluefin and many more!

Over the week we had a good number of GTs showing up in all sizes. Two very large GT were unfortunately hooked and then lost but despite that the search contuned and the lucky skiff pairing for the week was Gentry Lee and David Buck, both landing a metre fishing on the same day!

The stars aligned for two anglers who both ended up with Flats Slams for the week. Adam Barker started with a magical GT, a personal best bonefish and his very first Indo-Pacific permit. Scott Mackenzie ended a fantastic week with a GT, bonefish and a very special yellowmargin triggerfish.

Fishing stats:
Giant trevally 89
Bonefish 24
Permit 1
Triggerfish 4

Tight Lines,
from Alphonse Fishing Co. on Cosmoledo Atoll

The 12th week of the Cosmoledo season began with 12 anglers and lots of excitement all round. We have been facing some adverse weather conditions in and around the atoll, but despite that, we anticipated that week 12 would be a great week.


If you would like to know more about the fantastic fishing opportunities on offer on Cosmoledo Atoll in Seychelles, you can contact our saltwater fly fishing expert Peter Collingsworth on 01603 407596 or via email at He would be delighted to speak with you.

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