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Cosmoledo Atoll Fly Fishing Report 18th – 25th March 2021

This week on Cosmo saw some fantastic fish being landed including Triggerfish, Bonefish, Milkfish and Giant Trevally! Its safe to say that the 5 guests on the water all left with big happy smiles on all of their faces! Ill now pass you over to the head guide for his words from the week. –

18th – 25th March 2021

Cosmoledo was back into neap tides on week four and welcomes five guests! Chantal being a familiar face on the atoll and the four new guest, therefore a brand new experience for them. The weather was predicted to be challenging, and we expected the worst on day one and two.

The weatherman was wrong, and the fish knew it, so they were all out to play. Chris and Daniel were paired up for the first day and came home with 11 GTs and a Moustache Triggerfish.

Chantal played her way through all the bonefish on the first few days and then moved onto the Triggerfish at the end of the week. After the week had ended, she was on 14 Bonefish, some of them at the 70 cm mark, two giant Yellowmargin Triggerfish both being over 50 cm. Her fish of the week being a 25 lbs Milkfish caught first thing in the morning on the last day.

Not to be outdone, the rest of the group contributed with multiple GTs every day and picked up the bone and trigger numbers for the week. The last day of the week was incredible for everyone on the water, the atoll showed that even if the GTs didn’t want to play there are plenty more species to fish for. Daniel managed a Flats Slam with a magical Milkfish in the am, a Yellowmargin Trigger and a few Bonefish, his boat partner landed a Moustache Triggerfish and a few bones.

Joerg Fleddermann finished the week with three Triggerfish, two Yellowmargin Trigger and a moustache Trigger. This week was a true testament to the variety that Cosmoledo has to offer.
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from the Alphonse fishing Co team on Cosmoledo Atoll

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