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Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report 17th April 2023

Fantastic weather with very little wind and a fantastic spring tide made for an excited nine anglers at the start of the week on Farquhar.

Holding nothing back, the week was off to a cracking start with Daniel landing a solid 103 cm GT. Bruce, Jess, Marius, Theo and Steve all landed their first Bonefish. Igor was lucky enough to land two nicely sized Napo’s and Graham landed the biggest GT of the week measuring a whopping 123 cm.

Jess managed to land three Geets for day two and Dan did well, adding to the growing list of over-the-meter-mark fish, with a 117 cm GT. Dan also landed three Napoleon Wrasse, with the biggest measuring 91 cm. Igor topped the day off with a monster 101 cm Napo and Bruce landed the first Bumpy of the week.

Midweek Igor, Dan and Bruce all landed Napo’s and Graham landed another nice GT measuring 97 cm. Theo landed his very first GT measuring 105 cm. Sandro landed the biggest AMG of the season measuring 91 cm and Bruce landed another impressive 84 cm Napo.

Winding the week down, it was time for the fish that Farquhar is so well-known for! It was Bumpy day with Bruce and Jess both landing a Bumpies that matched at 109 cm each!

The last fishing day of the week saw plenty of action sending all the anglers home with massive smiles on their faces. Graham landed another GT and Marius worked very hard to slide in one more monster at the last minute, he landed a fantastic 103 cm GT to end the week off.

All in all, the anglers had a fantastic week with great weather and amazing fishing.

Stay tuned for next week’s report.
Tight lines,
Alphonse Fishing Co. on Farquhar Atoll


GT 10
Bonefish 23
Bumphead Parrotfish 5
Napoleon Wrasse 10


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