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Giant GT

Farquhar Fishing Report November Week 1 2019

Somewhat tricky conditions dominated most of the week, with a strong southeasterly wind and predominantly cloudy skies with light to strong showers passing through regularly. With the full moon it was a week of full spring tides with large water fluctuations.

Despite the weather, it was a week of big fish. A Seychelles regular, Joern kicked things off with an absolutely massive GT of 134cm, the largest of the season so far! In addition to that giant, Joern landed another 3 more GTs. Andrew captured 2 GTs while James managed his 1st GT along with Tim, Murray-John, Andrew and Hilton all landed a GT each.

Giant Travelly

An amazing Permit was caught this week by Andrew. Measuring 84cm it is the largest caught on Farquhar to date, and a truly special fish. Our group managed 29 bonefish this week with most anglers landing large fish. Alan caught his first bonefish, which was also his first fish on a fly. He went on to catch a bonefish of 66cm

Permit St Brandons

Our first Bumpheaded Parrotfish of the season came from Joern on the last day of the trip. The fish measured 84cm.

Bumphead Parrotfish

Congrats to everyone for landing special fish this week. We’re looking forward to what the atoll has in store for us in the coming weeks.

Till next time,


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