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First Anglers Arrive at Å on the Lofoten islands

As many of us sitting in the UK have had our fishing holiday plans postponed it is down to the Norwegians to show us all what we are missing. Norwegians are now allowed to travel to some of our fishing camps, and with the plan to open up to other Scandanavia Countries from the 15th June we should start to see some reports from our beloved fishing destinations around Norway.

The very first report since the lockdown started has been sent to us from one of our most popular destinations called Å on the Lofoten islands and it looks like it has been a good start. I will hand you over to Alex and André for their very first report:

First Anglers Arrive at Å on the Lofoten islands

Now we have finally got guests here at Å again! It’s almost 3 months since we last had guests here at the camp. As you know, the border is still closed and the gang we have had with us this week is Norwegian.

They visit the same week every year and usually have all 10 boats. This year they were a little fewer than usual due to Corona and some other things. But we have had 5 boat teams on the water since Thursday. The weather has been really good all week and all boats have been able to fish all days without worries.

What about the fishing? Yes, it has been better than the weather!

The stream has really started and it has sometimes been crazy good fishing on both late nights and in the middle of the day. In the same place as the stream is, when the power has slackened off a little, it has been really plenty of large cod. So even when the power gets a little weaker, it’s been full-on action.

What about Halibut fishing? Several boats have changed over to halibut when they become tired of Coalfish and Cod and decided to target halibut. Geir, Jan and Jan-Erik have spent most of the week on bait and did awesomely! During 6 days of fishing, 26 Halibut have landed where most have been released, neat! This week’s top fish came when I, André guided this gang on Monday.

We started a little slowly where we missed a bunch of fish and managed to get a Halibut of 82 cm after a couple of hours. After that, the tide started to turn and we drove as planned down to a large area that usually delivers really well on sinking water. Once in place, in the second operation, we get a nice fish of 104 cm, for Jan-Erik!

Soon after this, it chops on Jan’s jig and the line sprays off the reel. We run after the fish for a while before Jan can pump it up to the boat and I secure his new PB 153 cm, congratulations! So neat and the mood is on top!

After this we get two more fish before we drive home.

The last two days for the gang also offers brilliant weather and brilliant fishing. Now we only hope that we get a great summer and that you will soon be able to come up to us here at Lofoten again!

Tight lines! André & Alex

Thanks guys we all know how much you have been looking forward to guiding again, let’s hope we all get to visit you very soon. If you are sitting back waiting for things to develop with regards to countries opening up then finding space for next year may prove more difficult than you think. We have very limited availability for 2021 so if you fancy getting your name down for any of our Norway trips then give us a call on 01603 407596, we are even taking bookings for 2022. Hopefully, we will get to speak with you very soon. Stay safe. If you would like to see what we can offer you in Norway then head over to our dedicated Norway Sea fishing section of our website which can be found HERE and don’t forget to bookmark the page you land on so you will always be the first to see all our special offers

Tight lines, Paul

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