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Havoysund, Fishing Report 19th April 2022

We were finally able to start fishing in Havöysund, and it was worth the wait. During this eminent first week, we only have guests in the guide boat. We have had a wonderful mix with three people from Holland / Belgium and two Swedish guests who fished together with us in the guide boat. My colleague Andreas and I felt that we needed to tell a story before the guests arrived at the camp, so the day before we went out to sea to do a little fishing session in the hope of hooking something. We drove to a really nice Halibut spot near the camp which this time of year usually keeps very nice fish,

We came perfectly on the 2 meter curve where I previously caught really nice fish on exactly the same spot, when all of a sudden a really fat fish came up at full speed towards our jigs and starts circulating around for a while so we were in full swing, without knowing whose jig it went for. But after what felt like an eternity, the fish finally devoured Andreas Halibandit and he managed to hook the fish and feel the first double folded rod of the year, the fish set off in a HUGE rush that lasted 2.5 minutes… The fish swam pretty calmly and we drove after a bit to keep up; we were a bit taken back and probably did not really understand how big this fish was, because after a while, with a little too much angle on the line, unfortunately, the line snaps and we were left with an emptiness in the body and adrenaline shaking started to release from the body.

The next day it was time to greet the first guests of the year and they were met by a very extremely nice weather, so we went out to sea when everyone had got ready. We were greeted by an absolutely fantastic evening sun but unfortunately no Halibut in those evening hours. The next day, however, it was time to go out and test the luck of the Cod that are out here on the edges at the moment, the weather would be ok with increasing wind during the day. It did not take long to find the fish out there, a little harder to locate better fish but considering the unstable forecast for the week, we were happy to completely burn up fish as it might be the week’s only chance out on the Cod. But at 2-3 o’clock in the afternoon with zero opportunity to bring more fish in the boat, we headed home.

The second real fishing day is a short story when the wind blew and Andreas took the guests to the “crime scene” with the lost Halibut, and it was at first nice conditions and cannon current, so it would turn out to play a similar scenario in the same spot where a fat fish enters the sonar and swallows Leonard’s jig and after putting hard pressure on the fish, his stinger smoked in the most odd way, the hook was snapped by the material when probably the korok’s eye had a little crack and unfortunately got insert the material there so that it penetrates the line…

So we quickly jump on to the third day, yesterday, when the weather was very bad but I was determined that we would pull some nice Plaice, so after buying some shrimp at the local store we went out to a spot I found earlier there the Plaice play early in the year and you can usually get a good bunch of fish in a very small place. The wind kept a fair distance south and made it possible for us to drop our rigs. It did not take more than a minute before one of the Belgians got the first Plaice of around a kilo, followed by the fact that I myself got a fish in the same size. Then it died a little bit but I still put the rig down in the same hole I believe in before and finally loosened it and we pulled a bunch of really nice fish, where Leonard would hook a really heavy fish. When Leonard pumped, you saw that it was a fat Plaice with a heavy swing, I could easily slip it into the net and we measured the awesome Plaice to 60cm and weighing 2.2 kilos, which is a real dream Plaice and to succeed in breaking the 2-kilo mark so early in the season is really king considering how thin they are now.

As previously mentioned, we fish on a playground so of course many magnificent specimens swim back, and Leonard was really happy for his new PB! It is perfectly normal to pull unreasonable amounts of Dabs when fishing for Plaice up here, and this day was no exception, but one of the Belgians managed to pull a really large Dab which we weighed to 700 grams which is also a really nice fish!

On the fifth day, Douglas steered the ship towards a Halibut mark near Havöysund as the weather predicted some strong winds. It looked promising with just the right wind direction in the morning. When they reached the mark it did not take long before it slams on Douglas’ spinning rod and up comes a nice Halibut that was taken on a Sandy Andy 300g in Blue Pearl. Unfortunately, after that fish, it started to rain and blow hard, so then they had to change marks. Not much else happened after the move and it became a shorter day as we returned to shore to prepare for tomorrow.

The last day looked really promising with the wind. The plan was to try to focus on Skrei fishing. With that said, we pulled out around 08:00am.

Once we arrived at the fishing mark, and it did not take long before almost everyone had a bent rod. Each rod produced fish weighing around 10 kg. The Big bobs got to work down there in the deep. After a few hours of fishing on the Cod, the guests began to get tired arms, not the best, before trying a little Halibut fishing. The sea settled more and more all the time. In the end, the sea was as low as a carpet above the sea with calm winds and whales that were up at the surface right and left.

Now it was only the Halibut that was missing, as that would be the icing on the cake. We go to the first mark where we had planned and start fishing for Halibut. After a few drifts, we get our first contact, unfortunately it does not want to take the whole jig. But it was just a matter of time before they came. We decided to make a move before the turn of the tide would come as the first place unfortunately gave no result. Andreas decides to take us all to a classic mark just 5 minutes from the camp, which usually delivers fish, and quite rightly, “IM IN” said one of the Belgians. A Halibut comes up around the meter. Unfortunately, the fish did not sit so well, so when it is to be landed, the fish loosens. After a few hours of tough fishing for Halibut, we decide to go inside.

Tight Lines // Douglas Dahlberg & Andreas Hugsén


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