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Kau Tapen Fishing Report 24th Feb – 2nd March 2024

At the beginning of the week at Kau Tapen Lodge, a diverse group of anglers gathered for a week of fishing adventures. Among them were newcomers and returning guests from the USA, all eager to explore the pristine waters surrounding the lodge. Anticipation filled the air as old friendships were reignited, and new connections were forged against the backdrop of the tranquil landscape. With each sunrise, the stage was set for a week filled with camaraderie, unforgettable moments, and plenty of fishing action at Kau Tapen Lodge.

Weather conditions took center stage throughout the week, with winds and weather patterns playing a crucial role. Initially, the water color and conditions were favorable, but later rain caused the rivers, Rio Grande and Menendez, to swell and become muddy. Despite these challenges, both rivers continued to offer productive fishing experiences. Anglers adapted to the changing conditions, showcasing resilience and skill. The dynamic interplay of weather and water presented a unique test, ultimately revealing the versatility of the rivers and the anglers who navigated them, resulting in successful and fulfilling fishing sessions.

Impressive catches defined the week, with everyone landing good-sized fish ranging from 13 to 15 pounds. Standout moments included Frost’s fresh 17-pound female and Thomas’s remarkable 19-pound female, highlighting the abundance of substantial catches and making it a rewarding fishing experience for all.

As we conclude our week at Kau Tapen, it’s worth mentioning the delightful encounters with the local wildlife. Elegant guanacos gracefully roamed the landscape, while curious caracara provided lively entertainment with their playful antics. Foxes by the riverside added moments of charm to our days, and the awe-inspiring condors soaring high above added a sense of grandeur to our riverside experience. These wildlife encounters, along with the fishing, have truly made our week here a well-rounded and unforgettable adventure.

This week began with the return of last Friday’s rain, resulting in temporarily muddy rivers on Sunday. Despite initial challenges, optimism prevails, and we look forward to upcoming fishing updates. Stay tuned!

Tight Lines from the Kau Tapen Guide Team,

Birkir, Kau Tapen Fishing Guide.


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