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Killer Whales, Halibut and fine Cod – all in Nappstraumen!

Another amazing week in Norway comes to an end, and the fishing is continuing to blow our minds! I’ll now hand it over to Nordic Sea Angling for this weeks Nappstraumen Round up.

The last few days have been tough for our few guests who are here on Lofoten. There have been strong gale-force winds that have made it very limited when it comes to fishing locations. But after storms comes sunshine and nice weather usually in Nappstraumen.

Calle Hjelm & Johan Mikkelsen Host Nappstraumen

On Thursday it turned out to be light winds so the guide Calle Hjelm and I presented a plan for the day to our guests and they thought it sounded like a good plan for the day. The plan was that we would go out on the north side and try our luck at fishing for Halibut and the big Cod. When we arrived at the area, the idea was that we should start fishing during the day, we were interrupted immediately by a family of Killer Whales who were curious and looked at our boat. So now it was only necessary to catch some Halibut and fine Cod!

Into the first drift, a fish nibbled at one of the rods in the boat and after a good fight, the fish broke the surface, it turned out to be a nice little Halibut of 80 cm. One of the target fish was caught for the day, so now only the Cod were left to catch.

Once there had been a little success on the Halibut front, we took a drift on an edge that looked good for Cod. It turned out to be a really good “Cod edge” for this day. Here we caught many great cod around 10 kg and with a top fish of 12.5 kg. There was also some nice big Coalfish during the day.

Now we hope that it calms down with this pandemic so that travel around the world starts again and makes it so that you can come up and experience such magical days with us on the Lofoten Islands. Stay healthy and happy and we hope to see you again soon!

Greetings // Calle Hjelm & Johan Mikkelsen

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