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Lodge Records and Young Anglers! 25th July to 1st August 2021 – Kendajm Fishing report

It seems like fishing over the world is on fire this week as another one of our lodges has managed to break another record! This time with the most species to be landed in just one week on the water!

Lodge Records and Young Anglers!

This week, we had two clients from the US and three from Brazil accompanied by two younger anglers (Julia, age 7 & David, age 6).

Brazil recently experienced a historic cold front, yet here at Kendjam, we saw almost none of the effects of that and experienced some incredible fishing.

The water is dropping fast, but that hasn’t stopped the healthy, hungry, and happy peacock bass from eating! The big peacock bass fishing is still on fire with a really large class of fish being caught on top water flies. 
The wildlife was also on show this week, as we saw three jaguars and one was even a black jaguar, which happens to be very rare.The highlight of the week was when our anglers Joe and Megan from the USA caught 17 species on the fly throughout their time here. We are not entirely sure, but we are convinced that their 17 species could be the new lodge record! Congratulations to Joe and Megan! We are looking forward to trying to break your record next year.

Check out this week’s big fish stats:

Total number of fish landed: 346

Wolf Fish: 81 cm.

Peacock Bass: 64 cm

Mantrinxa: 48 cm

Pacu Borracha: 42 cm

Pacu Prata: 31 cm

Bicuda: 81 cm

Surubim: 84 cm

Jacunda: 32 cm

Piau Flamingo: 22 cm

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