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Olderø Lodge, Fishing Report 25th June 2022

Again this week we could welcome some familiar faces as most this group have been with us from the very beginning so it was a big pleasure to welcome good and old friends of the lodge and staff, the river this year was in perfect conditions and looked very good, as this group have been so many years they know that a good looking river with almost perfect conditions not always provides, and this year was one of those years, we started the week up very slowly and only a few fish were seen the first days we were fishing, but the guest pushed on and Tor could land his first Salmon ever, a nice fish on 9,8 kg what a start for Tor as a new Salmon angler, just to put things straight he continue the next days to catch fish landing a few Grilse and another nice fish on 6,4 kg.

The Salmon goods must have been looking down and thought that catching and landing a salmon in this week should stay in one family so Tor’s dad Anders showed how it should be done by landing another beautiful salmon in our “swimming pool” pool on the beat 6 to 6.

The rest of the group tried very hard to catch some fish and was out fishing every day throughout the whole week, but besides losing fish they didn’t succeed in landing any more fish for the week, if we should highlight some of the fish lost we have to mention Arve who lost an approximately 15kg fish in homepool one evening another big +15 kg fish was lost by Trond the last evening in the Bakery pool after a 30 min fight so we certainly had our chances, but that’s fishing.


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