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Pirarucu Lodge Fishing Report 13th October 2023

Water Conditions: 
Water Level very low dropping very slow now

Weather Conditions: 
All beautiful weather with some extremely hot days about 35-40C

Fishing conditions:

In our 5th week of season we hosted  a super cool group , with lots of salt water and tarpon experience! Was great to guide them and also watch their angling techniques to catch Arapaima. We had a couple of highlights this week.

First the largest Arapaima of the season landed so far and one of the largest ever, a 235cm (92,5 inches) fish landed by our good friend Hal!

We also got another jungle grand slam of the season, caught by Vittorio with an Arapaima + Pacu + Aruana on the same day.  And last but not least we had another 2+ meter fish caught by Nills

We can’t forget the highlights of our amazing DJ Carlo and the best barman in the jungle, Mister Tequila “Mitch” AKA the Tarpon Slayer. What a funny week!

Fishing stats:

Anglers: 8
Total number of fish landed in the week – 47
Biggest fish landed in the week – 235 cm


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