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Providence Atoll End of Season Fishing Report 2024

This week marked the opening of the Providence Atoll season aboard the mothership Quo Vadis. A memorable start to the season with an even more memorable week of long-standing guests.

Nick, Neil, Matt, Saif, Edwin, and Matthew joined us for the week. Matt, completely new to the world of saltwater fly fishing, started spectacularly by landing his first GT, two of them on the first day. Throughout the trip, he continued to land more GTs and a handful of other species. other species. His boat partner, Ed, also managed a good number of GTs, as well as his first Yellowmargin Triggerfish. He also went on to land his first and very impressive Bumphead Parrotfish.

Matt and boat partner Saif, who are experienced fly fishermen, had a great week. They took it to the next level by achieving a double Bumphead Parrot, a Double Yellowmargin Triggerfish (Saif), Bumpy (Matt), and two double-up GT moments. In the end, they each landed two Bumpies each, one Yellowmargin each, and a bunch of GTs. A day for the books! Phenomenal fishing gentlemen.

Veteran of the flats of the Seychelles, Nick, partnered up with a long-standing buddy, Neil, who was new to flats fly fishing. Neil soon found his rhythm and ended up with six GTs for the week. Nick went on to land a good number of GTs throughout the week. His standout fish, however, was a prehistoric Barracuda measuring in at a whopping 136 cm. Overall, it was a great week, with continuous laughs around the dinner table discussing the day’s achievements!

The start of our second week of the Providence season was met with some decent weather. We fished three out of six days in Providence before sailing the group to finish their week on Farquhar. Fantastic fish were seen, hooked, and landed on both Providence and Farquhar!

On the first day, 7 GTs were landed, five of which were landed by Alex, who also managed to land an incredible three Triggerfish and three Bonefish on the same day – an almost unheard-of ‘Triple Flats Slam.’ Congratulations Alex!

The following day, boat partners Matthias and Alkuin got to share a special moment, landing two magnificent Bumphead Parrotfish just minutes apart – the only two Bumpies to be landed for the week. Alkuin, joining us for his first-ever saltwater fly fishing trip, also caught a lovely GT the same day and his first Bonefish on the fly later in the week on Farquhar, which is another fantastic achievement.

Dan and Jerry boat was not short of action either. Between the two of them, they managed to tally up 8 GTs for the trip, one of which measured 88 cm – the biggest GT landed during the week. Dan was also able to score two incredible Moustache Triggerfish and a Barracuda, stretching the tape over 1m long, amongst many other species.

A very honorable mention goes to Alex’s son, Henry. Also, a newcomer to the saltwater fly fishing scene. He landed four Bonefish during his first full day of fishing – including a giant measuring 68 cm, which is undoubtedly considered a trophy bonefish in these parts.

These weeks were filled with continuous laughter and camaraderie around the dinner table, as anglers shared their daily achievements. The start to the Providence Atoll season proved to be a great adventure, combining sailing and fishing in the stunning flats of the Seychelles. The shared experiences and unforgettable moments created bonds that will undoubtedly last well beyond the closing days of the fishing season. Until next time, as the memories linger, the anticipation for future adventures on the Quo Vadis remains high.

Stay tuned for the coming week’s report!

Tight lines, Blue Safari Fly Fishing Team on Providence Atoll


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