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Rio Marie Lodge Fishing Report 13th February 2023


We had a mix of rainy and sunny days.

Temperatures between: 20ºC and 36 ºC

River Conditions: 

The river stayed at a perfect level for the beginning of the week, but due to the rain, started to slowly rise.

Fishing Summary: 

Fishing was incredibly challenging due to the water level that stayed high and rose even more throughout the week.

Number of anglers: 11

Peacock Bass caught: 50

Highlight of the week:

Mother nature has a way of changing an angler’s plans, and when she decides that the fishing is going to be tough, what can you do? This week, our anglers made lemonade out of the lemons they were given and fished hard, celebrating every catch. This was our last week of the season, and in those conditions, any fish caught is a good fish! We had an awesome week with you guys – see you next season!

Rafael Marques and The Marié Guides.


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