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Rio Marié Lodge Fishing Report – 24th To 31st October 2021

This week at Rio Marie lodge still felt the impact of last weeks heavy rainfall in the river system, however, this fully cleared up for the luck anglers around midweek, which then lead to a whopping 163 Peacock bass being landed on the fly.

Rio Marié Lodge – 24/10/2021

Weather: Our week was cold with some overcast days and strong rain.
Temperatures between: 25 and 30ºC
River Conditions: Our week started with high water levels due to constant rain, but it slowly dropped about half way through the week.

Fishing Conditions: We started the week in the upper section of our fishing area, where we saw some good action, but as the water started to rise, we descended in search of better conditions. Our anglers this week were focused on catching giant catfish that swim in these waters, so we divided our attention to search for these mysterious giants of the Rio Marié.

Fishing Stats:
Number of Anglers: 12
Butterflies Peacock Bass caught: 163
Speckled Peacock Bass caught: 39
Speckled Peacock Bass Over 10lbs: 6
Speckled Peacock Bass Over 15lbs: 3
Speckled Peacock Bass Over 20lbs: 1

Highlight of the Week: 
Some anglers were surprised by the numbers and strength of the big catfish that inhabit these waters. Their patience was rewarded with hard runs on heavy gear and a bunch of monster catfish landed. Also, we can’t forget to congratulate Oscar and Francisco for spending another week catching fish with us. They are living proof that age is not an excuse to keep you from doing what you enjoy.

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