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Bonefishing Seychelles St Brandons

Secure Lodge Fishing Report July 19th – 26th 2019

We welcomed two American and four Canadian guests this week. One of these guests was Ross, who landed a marvellous 20-pound Dorado in the middle section of the river. This section of the river is where the Sécure has a great structure with roots and fallen logs, and where Dorado often likes to ambush Sábalo and other Minnows.

Our fifth week began with consistent and warm weather conditions before we encountered some clouds and rain the last two days of the week. Everyone got shots at medium- and large-sized fish, with a 24-pound Dorado and a 20-pound Pacú as the biggest fish landed during the week.
As always, more rain means “more life,” with new runs of fish coming into the system and renewing and increasing the populations. This makes for great fishing and what should be an exciting week ahead.

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