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Secure Lodge Week 16 – Tsimane 2021 Fishing Report

With ideal weather and water conditions, things looked promising for the three American anglers visiting Secure Lodge.

Secure Lodge – 21/09/2021

This week at Secure Lodge, we welcomed three customers from the USA visiting for their first taste of fly fishing for Dorado.

With ideal weather conditions, river temperature and perfect water clarity in both the upper and lower sections, Bob, Zach and David were able to experience a range of situations and a variety of fishing throughout their stay.

With the river levels low, it provided us with an abundance of sight fishing opportunities. The riffles and runs far away were packed with fish, while the logs and structures downstream held fat fish aggressively taking flies. We were also lucky to witness some big Dorado destroying some Yatoranas, who’d made the ‘bad decision’ to venture into their territory!

The largest fish of the week was a 20lb Dorado landed by Bob in a deep pool located upstream, very close to the Lodge.

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Does this sound like an adventure you’d like to take part in? Think you could handle the fish that reside in the waters of Secure Lodge? Then why not take a closer look at the tour page, you’ll find all the information you need to get you ready for the trip of a lifetime!

If you have any questions, call our offices on 01603 407596 and one of our experts can assist you with any queries.

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