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Skrei Cod From Norway

Some Old Faces Return in Search of the Skrei

The second week of the season is on and our new guests arrived at the camp on Thursday. In the guide boat this week we have S-o, Göran and Vidar who are seasoned Norwegian fishermen and have travelled with us many times.

Lots Of Fish On The Sonar

The activity on the sonar is looking good!

During the first day of fishing, Alex was driving our regulars and in tough weather, they pulled out to find the Skrei. Lately, problems for us have been that the fish we find are heading full speed on their hike north in the west fjord where they are going to play. It has made it very difficult to get the stuff down before moving on. But we know that very soon maybe in just a few days fish will be just a short distance from the harbour to play and then there will be moves on fishing, I can promise!

Skrei Cod From Norway

A stunning prime Skrei 

But back to fishing right now. The first day was a little short for the gang and the weather was rough. But yesterday we ruled the plan a little and drove for a longer ride. That was the right tune! After a couple of stops, we finally found really big shoal of Skrei and fishing started properly and we caught for a couple of hours 50 Cod with several top fish of 15-18 kg! We were forced to interrupt fishing before lunch due to a storm that was coming in. But on the way home, we stopped right outside the harbour to check the situation a little and we could note that only during the day some fish in the “hole” as we call it. So now we hope it continues to fill up and we will soon have the fish 5 minutes from the harbour.

Tight lines!

André & Alex

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