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St Brandons Fishing Report November Week 2 2019

Welcome to another week on this remote and exciting fishery. After welcoming our guests to Raphael Island, we set to work getting everyone’s gear up to scratch for the week of fishing that lay ahead.

Our guests experienced true St Brandon’s style Bonefishing with numerous opportunities to fish to tailing Bones in super shallow water presenting themselves throughout the week. Joe and Charles both came away with the largest fish of the week which weighed in at 7.5lbs, well-done guys! Large schools of Bonefish that are ever-present during big spring high tides kept our group of anglers busy which allowed everyone to catch loads of Bonefish during these periods of the day.


The atoll produced a fair number of opportunities to tailing Permit in typical fashion; on the shallow water flats and broken coral storm ridges. Charlie and Jim both experienced heartbreak by losing Permit that they managed to entice to their flies during the week. Charlie, who was determined to turn his luck around managed to make his next shot count from a high riding school of fish off a sand bar near the northern side of the atoll. Well done Charlie, the first Indo-Pacific Permit landed are always fondly remembered!


The Trevally fishing proved to be good this week with loads of shots at large Bluefin Trevally. Joe and Charles both made the most of their shots and each landed their first electric Bluefin Trevally on the fly. Charles then went on to land a lively Golden Trevally and a 72cm Island Trevally; which is an awesome achievement well done Charles! The GTs proved to be a little difficult to come by and although we still managed to get the odd shot at some real giants, we couldn’t convert our opportunities.

Blu eFin trevally

We thoroughly enjoyed sharing this week on the flats with a group of new faces and we hope to spend time with you all again.

Till next week,


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