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Tanzania Fishing Report 30th October 2023

When fishing for Tigerfish, one must always be prepared for the unexpected. These elusive creatures have a knack for surprising anglers in ways they never imagined. Failing to react quickly can result in yet another Tigerfish slipping away, evading the sharp hook. The first day of our fourth-week trip was a prime example of this unpredictability. Excitement filled the air as our guests embarked on their journey to pursue tigers in the Mnyera River. As the session commenced, Grant lowered his fly into the water, eagerly stripping out the line in anticipation of his first cast. Fate, whether kind or cruel, intervened when, just a foot or two from the boat, a massive Tigerfish pounced on his fly. The fish darted away, stripping line off the reel with its powerful run and, with an acrobatic leap, mocked us by tossing the fly right next to the boat, almost as if to say, “Better luck next time.”

As mentioned before, Tigerfish seem to possess an uncanny knowledge of how to evade hooks. These cunning fish can expertly thwart capture through acrobatic leaps, vigorous headshakes, sudden changes in direction, or even by sprinting straight towards the boat at surprising speeds. It becomes abundantly clear early in each fishing expedition that Tigers are not easily conquered. However, armed with determination and newfound techniques, our anglers this week honed their skills and found ways to keep these elusive fish securely hooked, ultimately bringing many of them to the net.

Occasionally, anglers are graced by a stroke of luck, where it feels as though the stars have aligned, and fish are readily taking the bait. This week, we experienced one such extraordinary session on the Rahudji River. Anglers were treated to an abundance of thrilling action as fish enthusiastically attacked topwater flies. The group managed to reel in an impressive haul, with a handful of these catches tipping the scales at double-digit weights. It was undoubtedly a session that will be etched in their memories.

While immersed in the wilds of Tanzania, one gains a profound appreciation for the region’s untamed beauty. This week, we were fortunate to have a couple of enthusiastic birdwatchers on board. Countless hours were spent discussing and identifying the myriad bird species that graced our surroundings. Observing their hunting behaviors and interactions added a layer of depth to the experience. Our bird guide benefited greatly from the extra pair of keen eyes scouring for new avian species to add to the list. The region’s abundant avian life did not disappoint, as we had the pleasure of spotting the elusive green Malcoa, African skimmers, African finfoots, palm-nut vultures, and many more fascinating feathered creatures.


If you fancy doing battle with the hard-fighting Tigerfish of Tanzania, then our camp is the perfect destination for you. If you’d also like any further information, you can contact our fly fishing specialist Peter Collingsworth on 01603 407596 or email at

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