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Tanzania Fishing Report 8th December 2023

Week 6 in the Kilombero valley proved to be an exhilarating adventure from start to finish. Guest Chris Walsh wasted no time in setting the bar high for an incredible week’s fishing. Their journey commenced at Samaki Camp on the Ruhudji river bright and early in the morning. After a quick breakfast, the group swiftly boarded the boats. With precision and skill, Chris executed an impressive cast towards a small reed island near their campsite.

Imagine this: a slight adjustment to sink the fly, a series of well-timed strips, and there it was! A tiger fish hooked on, showcasing an incredible display of agility with its lightning-fast jumps and maneuvers. Displaying adept angling skills, Chris adeptly reeled in the spectacle—a magnificent 8-pound tiger fish.

The pinnacle of their adventure unfolded at the Kasinga Rapids. As customary on the final day, they ventured up to the rapids on the upper beat of the Mnyera River. Beyond just fishing, this journey provided a chance to relish the picturesque beauty of the riverbanks. From braided streams to deep pools, the rapids presented a diverse fishing landscape. The week boasted impressive catches, with sizable tigers eagerly attacking top-water flies. The challenge lay in delicately casting through narrow gaps on the backswing, but the rewards were significant—an array of hefty double-digit fish landed, adding to the day’s thrill.

The conversation in camp centered on flies this week, particularly focusing on the Whistler pattern. It’s a versatile classic tied in numerous ways. Chris preferred tying it on a 2/0 hook, complemented by 3mm lead dumbbell eyes. SF fiber and a couple of hackle feathers formed the tail, while a wrapped, fluffy section of a Schlappen feather behind those dumbbell eyes comprised the body. Though available in various colors, the black and purple combination gained popularity among the anglers.

Overall, the week presented an unforgettable experience. The shared fishing stories, the exchange of tips on crafting effective flies, and the camaraderie forged during this excursion will remain cherished memories. It’s the thrill of the catch and the bonds formed that make these fishing trips truly special!

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If you fancy doing battle with the hard-fighting Tigerfish of Tanzania, then our camp is the perfect destination for you. If you’d also like any further information, you can contact our fly fishing specialist Peter Collingsworth on 01603 407596 or email at

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