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The last week of the Season – Alaska West Lodge Fishing Report

Its always sad to see a season come to an end, but when you go out with a bang like this, it doesn’t feel as bad and just gets us excited for 2022!

Alaska West Lodge – 02/08/2021

We’re headed into our final week here at Alaska West Lodge for 2021. We can’t believe it’s already our last week. A big “thank you” to all our guests, guides, and staff for the good times. We made friends, we had good times, and we caught fish. It’s amazing the bonds you can make among strangers during a week of fishing. 

Alaska and the Kanektok River showed us some different looks this year. Of course, we embraced the differences and made the best of the most celebrated fishing stream in Alaska. Good times, that’s what it is all about here at Alaska West Lodge.

The end is near…we’re both happy and sad. But, we’ll be back when the season is new, and we’ll have more time to fish with you. You’ll have things, you’ll want to talk, and we will too.

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Does this sound like an adventure you’d like to take part in? Think you could handle the fish that reside in the waters of Alaska West? Then why not take a closer look at the tour page, you’ll find all the information you need to get you ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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